Dysonia was already in my body and the Celexa just kick started it

“They said I was having a bad reaction to the Celexa.”


I took 1 pill of Celexa. Within an hour I was shaking badly. I called the doctor. They told me to go to the hospital. I don’t remeber much after that. My husband told me he had to carry me to get me to the car. We arrived at the hospital & they took me right away. I remember the doctor touching my face telling me I was going to be OK. They said I was having a bad reaction to the Celexa. They said I seisured and had a Dystonic reaction. This went on for 5 days and nights. My husband he could stop the reaction from happening with the medication they gave him (Benydrl)he had to take me back to the hospital to put me on iv. My daughter was 2 and had to experience mommy almost dyeing in front of her. I now have generalized Dystonia. I had to learn how to walk again and go through years of therapy just so I can walk w/my cane. i have to get injections of Botox in my neck back and face. Without it I would not be able to speak or swallow. The list of health problems go on and on. The list of meds. I take is long, when I didn’t have to take any medication before I took Celexa. They are tellingt me that the Dysonia was already in my body and the Celexa just kick started it. I could use some ansewers. My life was destroyed, but I’m not giving up the fight! Angie


Location: PA



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