EFFEXOR: Man Smashes 29 TV Sets at Wal-Mart: Georgia

NOTE FROM Ann Blake-Tracy (www.drugawareness.org):

Just what is it with connection between antidepressant use and
baseball bats?!! Must be the same as it is for antidepressants and AK47’s!
Doctors could have a side business selling both baseball bats and AK47’s with
the prescriptions they write for these drugs because as the users begin to
suffer the adverse reactions they buy one or the other or both! Has anyone
caught on yet? How many more cases will it take?
On another note WHY on earth are they charging this fellow in
one crime with 29 counts of criminal damage to property???? A charge for each of
the TV sets separately when it was one crime?! That is
Last sentence reads:  “Police found a bottle of
Effexor XR, an anti-depressant
, in Strellis’s


Westley Strellis, Business

A Georgia man went on a rampage yesterday

at a Walmart outside of Atlanta, smashing dozens of flat-screen televisions with
a baseball bat he found in the store.

The man, 23-year-old Westley
Strellis, bashed in 29 flat-screen televisions worth $22,000, reports the

Atlanta Journal Constitution. He was charged
with a whopping 29 counts of criminal damage to property.

invoked his Fifth Amendment right to stay mum, so his motive remains a mystery.
According to

the police
, when officers arrived on the scene, Strellis was
sitting in an aisle in the store’s electronics department. When approached, he
held out his wrists, signaling for the officer to handcuff him. Police found a
bottle of Effexor XR, an anti-depressant, in Strellis’s

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