Survivor Story 213:31/77 – Being Depressed was Better that taking Paxil.


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Being Depressed was Better



“Please keep me in your prayers and don’t take Paxil.”

In August 2002 I was in a car wreck, minor. I saw a neurologist who recommended Paxil for my social anxiety, panic attacks, depression and add type symptoms, I got in a fight with him because I had come for pain medicine for the wreck due to headaches and he prescribed me pail’s took the script home and started a low dose.

Few weeks later I was flying high after initial nausea, headaches, nightmares, appetite increase etc. I would take the Paxil until it stopped working then get kicked up a notch to a higher dose all the way to 40-50 a day. I couldn’t get a script one day and within 2 4 hours was dizzy, throwing up, faint, sweating, shock etc. My first but not last experience with withdrawal.

Over three years time I gained about 75 pounds, I was starving all the time, had edema in my ankles, migraine headaches, dry hair, dry eyes, moody, fatigues, bitchy, argumentative, unrealistic, unable to lose weight even with weeks of strict dieting and exercise, sore swollen breasts, and also not able to get pregnant despite being 25 years old sexually active and no birth control. I got fat and was cocky not even admitting I was fat, not being able sometimes to not eat breakfast because of the nausea and dizziness due from Paxil. if I didn’t eat frequently I got huge clots in my period, insomnia and somnolence, nightmares, panic attacks, crying jags, and the list goes on. I tried dozens of times to stop taking it. I went on herbal cleansers, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Ambien, Elavil, Zoloft, and lots more.

Be it days of shock, emotional fits, shock, passing out, feeling like I was going to die with severe flu, screaming fits, digging scabs in my head, pulling out my eyebrows, unable to leave the bed, etc I would always go back on Paxil none of these things I did before taking Paxil mind you.

My longest attempt was switching to Prozac so I didn’t have the cold turkey or leveling out symptoms I thought I was ok. But about a week later bam unbearable migraines everyday no amount of Demerol or Vicodin aspirin rest darkness quiet would cure. so I went back on Paxil and weaned down from 40 regular to 12.5 cr. Currently I can go without Paxil 2 days ,the migraine starts and I have to take one. I am miserable.

I have been addicted to cocaine at one point and this is much worse to get off of. It screw with you physically and mentally. When your body starts getting off the Paxil your brain tells you your crazy you have to take it etc. I am drug free non smoker who doesn’t drink now.

Currently I am at my wits end but ready to do anything to get off this dose permanently. I was a thinner happier person with some mild depression and panic attacks. Now Imp fat ,miserable and sick, physically. Edema so bad I can barely walk. No motivation. Depression. Unable to stop eating. Please keep me in your prayers and don’t take Paxil.

Get therapy, vitamins, herbal treatment, God. Don’t end up like me .Being depressed was much better because now Imp depressed overweight sick and addicted to Paxil and have low self esteem, emotional instability and so much more because the drug has this on me. I’m stronger hopefully but this is a warning. Get valium or Xanax prescribed for anxiety. Get a sleeping pill. Take Aleve for muscle pain. Go to free mental health for therapy. don’t take Paxil or other SSRIs It’s like the hotel California -you may never leave. oh yea my other friend, who takes Paxil 2-3 years also gained 60 pds and is very miserable and similar symptoms. questions or comment s mail to

Try to answer all. Thanks and hugs not drugs -especially Paxil!

Tim Blankenship

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