Survivor Story 220:38/77 – Paxil destroyed his life COMPLETELY!


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This is Survivor Story number 38.
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Son Commits Suicide on Paxil



“…the drug that was given to him destroyed his life COMPLETELY!!!!!!! ”

My son was on Paxil for almost 5 years.

He was very violent and suicidal. This was his 7th and finally attempt. On March 19, 2003, he put a 357 magnum to his head and took his own life. Those 5 years were a nightmare of destruction.

After the doctor increased the Paxil, he became worse than ever. I finally did some research on the drug and realized that all he has been going through was the result of the Paxil.

So I tapered him down slowly and almost over night he got better with each passing day. Like night and day, he was back to the sweet, loving, wonderful person, he was before he went on this evil drug.

We had him back for about 10 months….no more violence or suicide attempts. He could now sit still and watch T.V. etc.

He use to pace the floor 24/7. He now could control his impulses among other things. The nightmares got less and less and almost none.

Everyone saw the big change in him and he was so proud of himself now. But as the days went on, trying to face the mess his life was in as the result of the Paxil and Court Case still pending and jail time possible and the criminal record that he had now was not acceptable to him. His OCD was getting the better of him, he always looked for perfection for himself.

His life could not be repaired. Depression returned because of this and got the better of him. He finally took his life. We sought help for his depression, and the drug that was given to him destroyed his life COMPLETELY!!!!!!!

Bernadette Brannock

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