Treating Depression: Is there a placebo effect? – CBS News

FINALLY! over 20 years too late 60 Minutes tonight at least discussed the work of Dr. Irving Kirsch on the placebo effect of antidepressants! Hardly controversial since we learned in 2008, when the initial studies done on antidepressants were finally revealed to the public AND the FDA (who had never seen them before because they had disappeared for 20 years), that antidepressants produce no more benefit than a placebo. Yet we know these drugs have listed side effects that are horrific producing suicide, hostility &/or psychosis just by going on too rapidly, stopping use too rapidly or switching meds. site has warned since its inception in the mid 90’s that ANY change in dose of an antidepressant MUST be very gradual!!!Our database of nearly 5000 cases posted at is only the tip of the iceberg in demonstrating the horrendous deadly potential of these drugs. When will we discuss the REAL issues: The REM Sleep Behavior Disorder induced by the drugs that can lead to murder and suicide, the massive number of divorces produced by these “divorce pills,” the increased number of alcoholics produced by the overwhelming alcohol cravings produced by these drugs, the shocking birth defects, the false accusations of abuse, the huge increase in Bipolar produced by antidepressants, the severe memory loss, the loss of spiritual feelings, the fact that nearly every female teacher seducing a male student has been taking an antidepressant at the time, increased number of heterosexuals becoming homosexual on antidepressants, etc., etc., etc.

‎60 Minutes on CBS News: Treating Depression: Is there a placebo effect? – A Harvard scientist says the drugs used to treat depression are effective, but for many, it’s not the active ingredient that’s making people feel better. It’s the placebo effect.

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