Prozac killed my "Lawman of the Year Brother"

“When will this “madness stop?”


I just laid my ‘stable brother’ to rest after he killed himself from the torture of listening to “the voices” in his head. He called me from a 3 day trip (Arizona) across the U.S. after working up until then with no visible side effects just days (daze) before. As fate would have it he was only on Prozac for 8 months. A short 4 days later and my brother Douglas was dead in Kansas from his own gun. Here we and His wife sit numb in our hometown in Washington state. He tried to explain and felt so guilty but couldn’t take it any more. This man saved a woman from a Prozac overdose just 3 months ago and she was at my parents trying to comfort them last week. When will this “madness stop”??????????? Doug was only a loner that wanted to feel more “normal”. I am an outgoing salesman and I always wanted to be more normal too (not such a bigmouth). Let me tell you that it pays to talk about ones own feelings of inadequacy and believe others when they nurture you and vice-versa. Nobody is who they really want to be and that is OK. I know I will be more tolerant of others from now on as they have been with me. We planned on crusading against Prozac from the time we “heard” the sad news and are glad to have found this site. Thank you for this.

Steve R.



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