Scared and Angry

“Still telling my story! And will til I see the drug companies accountable!”


The drugs that I’m concerned about are anti-depressants because of my experience. I was on Welbutrin when a dermatologist (having just been given a list of the drugs I was taking) gave me two cortisone shots not knowing my reaction. Apparently cortisone shots make me Manic. Not knowing of this effect and complaining to my Psychiatrist (who did not know of my shots) of effects I was experiencing that were similar to severe depression, this Doctor changed me to Prozac where I became Psychotic and Manic.

I endured this state juggling my family and my work for a year and a half before another Doctor recognized my reactions and brought me down finally after anti convulsive / anti seizural drugs didn’t work, with an anti epileptic drug. Normalcy hit in 4-6 hours. I started to research my psychology book from college then went to the net. Boy did I get a big surprise. I owe that Doctor my life because than I learned more. This man took a chance. I’m glad that I didn’t disappoint him.

Now I look at people I used to relate with while in my Manic state who I know take these drugs and listen to one describe how she followed her son’s school trip after specifically being told she was not allowed to, 300 miles and watched her son from the shoreline with binoculars. I believe this is describing the term “Stalking”. Other people at work are in aggressed Manic states that drink while on the drugs as well as take illegal drugs on these drugs. Someone in a neighborhood who drinks and rages and ironically enough is on prescription Prozac – who has 11 loaded rifles sitting in his living room.

I’m scared and angry because the media has been squelched from reporting adequately incidents that are resulted from these drugs. Mothers killing babies. Fathers killing wives and children – or killing people at work. I am most angry with what my family – my children were subjected to while I was in this state.

Nobody listened to the controversy with the drugs that took limbs away from babies being born till thousands were born. Why are they going to listen about a Mother killing her children or an adolescent boy who kills his teacher? They’re responsible for their actions aren’t they. Regardless how bizarre and unusual these reactions used to be!

Now they’re advertising TIME-RELEASED Prozac How many of those people don’t drink or do illegal drugs or have an ignorant Doctor (where there seems to be many) giving them prescription medication that reacts to the anti-depressant?

They’re amazed at how “outgoing and social” these people become. That is until a gun is stuck in their face when a murder/suicide is about to occur. That will wake them up! It woke Phil Hartman up!!

Actually the doctors are dumping their patients once they realize their reactions. My first Doctor dumped me and left me “hanging” (actually I was choosing to consider razor blades at that time).

I wrote to Dr Tracy when I while recovering from trauma several years ago. Please let her know that I took responsibility for my “legally drugged involuntary” reactions and still have my family all in one piece and ironically enough my job. I toughed everything out and am getting my life back.

Karen Austin, TX



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