Conference 2011 with Spencer M. Karol T. Dr. Ann Tracy


How’s 2011 going for you? Would you like it to be better? Then come join us
on MARCH 5th where we’re…

In Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

Here is what you can accomplish by spending the time with us…

Learn how to:
● bring daily balance into your physical & emotional life so they work in harmony.
● bring your PH level to a higher frequency for many reasons, which we will share.
● get off medications the natural way, and go forward to have a happier and more
Abundant Life!
● cleanse the “Inner Vessel” & shape your body with plant food protein.
● remove destructive energy patterns (negative cellular memories) in the body
& experience better health.
● resolve unproductive feelings & emotions of the past so life works “for you”
instead of against you.

Master Herbalist, Spencer Masterson, will take you step by step on how to bring more balance
into your life by modifying your diet, eating plant foods, and less Processed Foods in your diet!
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Keynote Speaker
Karol K. Truman, author of the best-seller, “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…” and “Healing
Feelings… From Your Heart”, which are now in three languages, will help you recognize the
feelings, thoughts & beliefs that keep you from enjoying those things in life you would like to
experience. She will also assist you in resolving toxic feelings & emotions that are blocking
your true joy, health & happiness. She will share how to be “Master of your Soul” rather than
continually being the “Victim” and how to find that powerful, magnificent REAL you.
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Keynote speaker
Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy, author of “Prozac, Panacea Or Pandora?”, holds a Ph.D. in Health
Sciences with the emphasis on Psychology, and serves as the executive director of the
International Coalition for Drug Awareness. She has specialized for 20 years in adverse
reactions to serotonergic medications, and has testified before the FDA on antidepressants. Since

1992 she has testified as an expert witness and consultant in SSRI related court cases around the
world. &

Speaker: Brenda Ethington, will be speaking on the Science of Aromatherapy.
Brenda is a homemaker, wife and mother of 8 children and has 16 grandchildren. She has a
passion for Health and Fitness. Brenda’s Mother died of diabetes at age 49, but taught her many
wonderful things about how to take care of one’s health. Brenda, had her last 6 children at home
with a midwife. Her friends and some family thought she was crazy! She has learned how to heal
and help others by using essential oils. She will be teaching on the importance of oils in our lives.

Tickets for this Event are:
$25.00 single person
$40.00 couples
Books and CD’s will be available to purchase.

DATE: SAT. MAR. 05, 2011
TIME: 10 AM. TO 5 PM.
(We will break an hour for lunch.

WINGATE Inn & Suites
3041 St. Rose Parkway
Henderson, NV. 89052
702.568.0027 For Reservation
$79.00 a Room (tell them your here for the Conference)
(Go to Map Quest for Directions)

FOR TICKETS CALL: 702.462.5890

11/15/1999 – Ann Blake-Tracy Appearances

Here are some upcoming broadcast appearances for Ann Blake-Tracy:

Dr. Ann Tracy will be appearing on the Leeza Gibbons Show tomorrow,
Tuesday, November 16th. To find show times and a station near you,
please go to information is available at http:/

Or you can go directly to Leeza’s homepage at

In addition, Ann Blake-Tracy has a radio show scheduled for next Saturday the
20th at 10-11 AM CST on KIXL 970 AM out of Austin Texas.

11/1/1999 – Colorado School Board Initiative

In October, Dr. Ann Tracy, Executive Director of the International
Coalition for Drug Awareness, and two other experts spoke before the
Colorado State Board of Education. They urged the adoption of the
Resolution on Academic Standards and Restrictions on Non-Academic
Solutions which was introduced by Patti Johnson, one of the Board’s

The resolution would give Colorado parents and teachers a clear message
that education must be concerned with academic issues and NOT the
management of behavioral issues with psychiatric prescription drugs.
Recently, Eric Harris, who was taking Luvox, killed over a dozen
students at Columbine High School.

The State Board should be commended for taking the lead in this issue.
They should be applauded for trying to steer the schools of Colorado in
the direction of academia, and away from mind-altering drugs. Please
send a brief, short and very supportive note to them.

The e-mail address is State.Board@…

10/17/1999 – Fen-Phen Settlement on Shaky Ground

To our ICFDA Subscribers–

It was announced on Friday that American Home Products, maker of Redux
and Pondimin, is being sued by 11,000 plaintiffs. Now the majority
of those afflicted with heart and lung problems from the drug, 8,000
in all, say they are not interested in the proposed $3.75 billion
settlement offer.

Why should they be?

“I don’t know if there is an individual in the United States that would
qualify for $1.5 million under this settlement,” said Marc Bern, whose
New York City law firm represents 5,000 plaintiffs.

This case should serve as a warning to those companies now marketing
other SSRI medications which can have similar adverse effects in their
patient population. The users of these serotonergic medications
represent a much larger population than Fen-Phen users–now upwards
of 50 million individuals worldwide!

If this is the largest product liability suit to date, what might the
future bring?

For the full story, click on the link below.–Dr Ann Tracy, Executive
Director, ICFDA

Settlement on Shaky Ground
Thousands of Fen-Phen Users May Reject Offer

By Amy Westfeldt
The Associated Press

N E W A R K, N.J., Oct. 14 — Thousands of people suing American Home
Products Corp. for injuries allegedly suffered while taking the
fen-phen diet drug combination won’t participate in a proposed $3.75
billion settlement, threatening the resolution of one of the largest
product liability cases ever, lawyers say.

09/03/1999 – Ann Blake-Tracy on Art Bell this Weekend

Dr. Ann Tracy, the Executive Director of the ICFDA, will again be
interviewed on the Art Bell Program Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
September 4/5, 1999, 11pm to 3am PDT.  If you miss this show, and want
to hear it, and if your computer is equipped for audio and has the Real
Player software installed, you can access the file on the Art Bell site
( For a list of affiliated radio stations, go to the
“Stations” listing on that site (