On Your Birthday Diana We Reveal WHO Took Your Life While Your Sons Reveal A Statue In Your Honor

The driver on Dodi and Diana’s  fatal last journey should probably not have been behind the wheel at all that night. The jury’s verdict placed much of the responsibility for the crash on him, more perhaps than even the coroner had suggested in his summing up. My main focus in writing my book on antidepressants was…

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A nurse who was found dead on her sofa had taken an overdose of her
daughter’s painkillers, an inquest heard.

Lindsay Davies, 50, was
discovered by her 22-year-old daughter at the family home in Southcote on August

She had just finished a 10-day stint of night shifts at the Duchess
of Kent House in West Reading and the inquest heard it was thought she decided
to have a few drinks and fall asleep on the sofa.

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PAXIL: Robbery: Fan Stole Famous Musician’s Guitar: England

FOR 10 years, music fan Stephen White secretly held all the
answers to a musical mystery that had mystified one of Britain’s most
revered guitarists.

Every time he looked at the shiny 1964 Cherry Red
Gibson SG guitar hidden in his flat, he gulped at the memory of how he had
stolen it from Johnny Marr, the musician who shot to fame with cult rock group
The Smiths.

On Tuesday, a decade after pinching the £30,000 instrument
backstage after a gig at the Scala nightclub in King’s Cross, Mr White, a
38-year-old carer, owned up to the theft in court.

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POLICE changed their policy for assessing the risks prisoners pose to
themselves after a Swindon man killed himself less than two hours after leaving
their custody, an inquest heard.

Michael Spencer of Grantham Close,
Freshbrook, told officers at Gablecross Police Station he was suicidal after he
assaulted wife Wendy at their West
Swindon home, Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court heard.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Widow Assaults Policemen With her Handbag: England

A mother has been
convicted after “deliberately wielding a handbag” and striking a police

Diminutive Lorna Vinten, 44, charged in to help her son who was
being restrained by four police officers, swinging her small blue handbag
containing her keys, cigarettes and mobile phone.

But despite Redhill
Magistrates’ Court hearing the handbag had struck with the force of a pillow,
Mrs Vinten was convicted of two counts of assault, and resisting a constable in
the execution of his duty.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Suicide: 22 Year Old Woman: England

and quiet girl’ who spent years bravely fighting depression took her own life
just days after her 22nd birthday, an inquest heard.

Family and friends joined
popular Natalie McCreanney at her party at Bibendum in Eastbourne town centre on
November 21 last year.

A week later, her body was
found on a secluded part of the beach, near the foot of Beachy Head.

An inquest on Tuesday heard
that Natalie, an animal lover, who studied at Plumpton College, had suffered ill
health as a child, which limited her sight and held her back at school.

Natalie paid for regular
counselling sessions for several years at the Eastbourne Clinic, but these ended
a couple of months before her death as she was thought to be too dependent on

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Man Found Not Guilty of Killing Wife While Asleep: England

Briton who strangled wife in his sleep walks free

Prosecution accepts argument that Brian Thomas, 59, suffered sleep
disorder and had no control over his body during attack.

London ­
Reuters Published on Friday, Nov. 20, 2009 9:21AM EST Last updated on Friday,
Nov. 20, 2009 1:50PM EST

A Briton who strangled his wife during a
nightmare because he believed he was attacking an intruder, walked free from
court on Friday after prosecutors withdrew their case against him.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: 26 Year Old Teacher Hangs Herself: England

A teacher suspended over claims she helped pupils cheat in their GCSE exams hanged
herself – only to be exonerated after her death.

Vanessa Rann was
distraught after being accused of giving children unfair help during their
French oral examination.

She was sent home on full pay while an
investigation into the allegations was carried out, with pupils facing the
prospect of having their final grades changed.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Assault with Knife: England

A HEARTBROKEN man stabbed his best friend in the stomach after
breaking up with his girlfriend.

John Withers had been homeless since
the split but was given shelter by Trevor Phillips, a former work colleague.

But Withers got drunk after an unexpected meeting with his ex-partner
and returned to Mr Phillips’ house in the village of Wickhamford, near Evesham,
in “a zombie state”, said Alex Warren, prosecuting.

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