Antidepressant-induced Deaths Via Medicating Post-Natal Depression

  Donna Oettinger and Zaki Zoloft-induced murder/suicide by train Emma Cadywould Antidepressant-induced suicide by train Excellent article from Antidepaware detailing inquests in three cases of mothers throwing themselves in front of trains after being given antidepressants for PND! Our thanks goes out to our New Zealand Director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness for…

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Australian Mother Turned Away After Asking For Help Cuts Her Wrists & Baby’s Throat

Sucharitta Milton Australian Husband/Father Blames Hospital for Wife/Mother’s Attempted Suicide & Attempted Murder of Three Week Old Baby To make you aware of the fact that America is not the only place we have so many mothers on these medications killing, or attempting to kill, their children while under the influence of antidepressants here is…

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Mother’s Baby Missing: Arizona

Bob Johnson said his
granddaughter, Elizabeth, has always been secretive.

“If she didn’t want
you to know something, you ain’t gonna find out,” Johnson said.

He said
moving in and out of five foster homes as a child made her that way. But he said
the straight “A” student also developed an irrational temper that led to bouts
of rage.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Emotional Blunting: British Journal of Psychiatry

Servier, the funders, were able to comment on initial study design, but had no role in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data, and no role in the writing of the manuscript. Servier have a research programme for the development of psychotropic compounds, including antidepressants. Although they were able to comment on the final manuscript, no changes were introduced as a result of their comments, and they had no influence on the decision to submit the paper for publication. The researchers were, therefore, independent of the funders.

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Leslie Judd’s Story – post-partum depression – Prozac, Paxil and Trazodone

Every month when I went to my doctor, my medication and dosage were changed. There was a point during the ten years that I realized the medication was making me sick, especially when I got lithium toxicity. My body was holding on to all fluid, I was bloated beyond recognition, my pupils were dilated (one more than the other), I started to get panicky and I had constant nausea and severe headaches along with other symptoms which alarmed my husband, and he called my doctor, who told me to stop taking the medication immediately.

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Merrill Osmond’s Amazing Alternative Health Transformation

Back home, my family searched for answers. Our good friends, Brian and Barb Kuckuck, went to a Young Living convention in California and returned with help — an audio tape and a book by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy.

The tape opened our eyes to the destruction that these drugs can cause in people’s lives. Today, I know that I have a disposition towards depression, but I am not bipolar. I am not psychotic and I do not have a borderline personality disorder. My mental and physical disorders were caused primarily by the medication I was given by my doctors. I lost ten years of my life.

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