Scores of recent Texas war veterans have died of overdoses, suicide and vehicle crashes, investigation finds Daniel Pilgrim, 12 , and his grandparents Randy and Judy Pilgrim visit the grave of Daniel’s father, Lance. Kimberly Mitchell weeps at the grave of her husband, Chad Mitchell, who died of an accidental prescription drug overdose. The Austin…

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As usual early warnings about driving risks went unheeded. FINALLY someone has done a study to investigate the problems with antidepressants & car accidents….and it only took 25 years since the drugs were introduced to get around to someone doing it! Let’s put it on record here that I approached a group focusing on prescription…

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ZOLOFT Withdrawal: Murder: Idaho

Paragraph one reads: “On May 28, 2002, Briggs pleaded guilty to one count of murder in the first degree, Idaho Code § 18-4003(a), and two counts of aggravated battery, I.C. §§ 18-903, 18-907(b). After being sentenced to a unified term of life imprisonment with twenty-five years determinate for the murder conviction and several lesser concurrent…

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: City Councilman Candidate’s Wife Attacked Him: Texas

A wife’s story of ovarian cancer and domestic
violence added yet another layer of passion to Garland’s lone contested city

council race Monday night.

Sharp questions, finger-pointing between
incumbent John Willis and challenger David McNeely and a moderator calling for
order had already made for a lively forum. Then, as parties were dismissed,
Donna McNeely stepped to the podium at Shiloh Worship Center.

She told
of being diagnosed with cancer shortly after their marriage in 1997, of
suffering depression after the treatment and of medication that magnified her

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AN A&E consultant has warned
of the “lethal” consequences of combining alcohol and prescription medication
following the death of Bertie Ahern’s nephew from a mixture of drink and

Dr Chris Luke said people were admitted every day
suffering from the effects of legal drug and alcohol cocktails. Dr Luke, a
consultant at Cork University Hospital, said legal drugs were as dangerous as
illegal drugs and the public needed to be made aware of the dangers.

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Two Brothers Commit Suicide One Week Apart: Arkansas

The hand reaches down as another parent
enters the room fearing the worst. The large black bag slowly unzips and the
worst fear a parent never wants to believe, that moment is here. Inside the
darkness of the body bag lies someone’s son, daughter, nephew, their niece ­
someone’s good friend, and another family is torn apart with grief, confusion,
and a wish it was them instead.

It is a day that
Will Bearden has seen too often in his 13 years as the Saline County Corner, and
18 years previously riding on an ambulance as an EMT. Nearly everyday Bearden
has to tell yet another family what caused the death of a loved one, and
surprising to many, he said nearly 90 percent are due to drugs and

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Mother Kills Baby: Pennsylvania

­ A Norristown woman who admitted causing fatal injuries to her 20-month-old
toddler last November, when she shook him and banged his head against a bed
headboard, was sentenced to prison Friday.

Jennifer Brown, 24, who
pleaded guilty in September to involuntary manslaughter and endangering the
welfare of a child, was sentenced by Montgomery County Judge William R.
Carpenter to 11 1/2 to 23 months behind bars and three years’

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CELEXA: Suicide Attempt: Arizona

UAPD officers were dispatched to the La
Aldea apartment complex at 825 E. Fifth St. on Oct. 11 at 1:56 p.m. in reference
to a resident who had attempted to overdose on prescription medication. Upon
arrival, officers made contact with the resident. According to police, she was
semi-alert and slurring her speech. She informed police that she had taken

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ZOLOFT & ADDERALL: Linsay Lohan’s Family Plans Intervention: California

Lindsay Lohan’s family is planning to stage an intervention.

Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan – who claims she is addicted to prescription medication – revealed he and her mother Dina are concerned the star’s life is spiralling out of control and have discussed forcing their daughter to get professional help.

Michael said: “I had a conversation with her, her mother and everyone. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be doing things in a pretty public way.

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