A perfect reality version of an antidepressant TV advertisement.

This video mix of several instances would make the most perfect reality antidepressant advertisement ever! (Notice that in the first video she even knows to excuse her behavior by warning them that she has not taken her antidepressant, Cymbalta, yet for the day.)The ad should say, “No matter the antidepressant you choose it can produce…

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ANTIDEPRESSANT WITHDRAWAL: Mother’s Baby Missing: Arizona

Bob Johnson said his
granddaughter, Elizabeth, has always been secretive.

“If she didn’t want
you to know something, you ain’t gonna find out,” Johnson said.

He said
moving in and out of five foster homes as a child made her that way. But he said
the straight “A” student also developed an irrational temper that led to bouts
of rage.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Makes Teenage Girl Angry All the Time: Massachusetts

Dear Annie: I am a 16-year-old girl who still wets the bed. I have
tried everything from wearing an alarm to taking medication.

I am now on
a prescription that works by telling my kidneys to stop producing urine,
although it doesn’t work all the time. A urologist prescribed an antidepressant

that prevents me from sleeping too deeply. With the combination of these two
medicines, I no longer wet the bed. However, the antidepressant causes me to be
uncontrollably angry all the time. I also don’t sleep well when I take it, which
just adds to my irritability. It has gotten so bad that it has started to affect
my relationships with friends and family.

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DEPRESSION MED: Rage: Elderly Man Beats & Bites his Doctor: England

A PENSIONER who bit his doctor and punched
him in the face in front of “scared” patients will have to serve a year behind

Gabriel Moya, 69, flew into a rage at a receptionist at Gossops
Green Surgery, when she handed him a prescription he thought was

Moya, who has had heart surgery in the past, was told to calm
down by a doctor but lashed out, punching him twice in the face and biting him
on the arm as he was pinned to the floor.

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