1991 FDA Antidepressant Hearing: Mother Kills Two Sons & Attempts Suicide – Tucker Moneymaker

On April 5, 1991, after only 21 days on Prozac Tucker Moneymaker’s wife Sandra, 36, shot and killed their two sons, David Lee, 8, and William, 16, while they slept before shooting herself twice in the abdomen in a suicide attempt. The bottle of Prozac was found in the room with them. Tucker had left…

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1991 FDA Antidepressant Hearing: Le Anne Westover Testifies of Husband Del Shannon’s Prozac Suicide

Le Anne Westover & Husband, Charles (Del Shannon) Everyone needs to hear these testimonies presented to the FDA in September of 1991 on the subject antidepressants causing suicide and violence. The FDA chose to ignore these testimonies that day leading to many more deaths since. My dear friend featured here, Le Anne Westover, lost her…

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