Do Not Miss This Movie – Sleepwalk With Me – REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Mike Birbiglia This is a movie about the REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) which I have one DVD out on the subject already and am finishing up an e-book on the subject currently… My comment on the movie? “This is a movie that should be seen by absolutely everyone!!! In 2010 there were 250 Million…

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ALFREDA GIEDROJC GRANDMOTHER KILLS INFANT GRANDDAUGHTER WITH SLEDGEHAMMER AND CARVING KNIFE Yet another grandmother has taken the life of her grandchild – something I have never seen before the SSRI antidepressants. You can search our database of cases at for other cases like this – all involving the use of antidepressants by the suspects….

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ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Spanaway, WA Husband Confesses to Killing Wife & Daughter, Before Attempting to Kill Self

“Washington state is loaded to the gills with antidepressants! Do you know what these drugs do? They cause you to act out your worst nightmare & that is called a REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD). Of those being diagnosed with RBD 86% are taking an antidepressant. And of those suffering RBD 80% hurt themselves or someone else. If Dean seemed to really love his wife & daughter this would have been his worst nightmare. Someone had better start asking about meds! (By the way I was the expert in comedian Phil Hartman’s murder/suicide & their wrongful death suit has been settled by the makers of Zoloft.)”

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PROZAC: Young Woman Dreams of Committing Suicide: Illinois

If you are one of the millions of people taking
antidepressants for mild depression symptoms, you might as well be taking a

A study released by a team of researchers led by Jay C.
Fournier, of the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania,
found that the most commonly prescribed antidepressants do little for mild to
moderate symptoms of depression, having the same results as a placebo.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Mother of Columbine killer tells of horror 10 yrs after massacre

mother of one of the two teenagers who murdered a dozen fellow students and a
teacher in the massacre at Columbine high school has broken a decade of

silence to say that she is unable to look at another child without thinking
about the horror and suffering her son caused.

Klebold, whose son Dylan and another youth, Eric Harris, hunted down pupils at
the Colorado school with shotguns, a semi-automatic pistol and a rifle before
killing themselves, has described her trauma over her son’s actions.

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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Murder: Man Kills Wife: Has No Memory of it: Trial: Cal…

SANTA CRUZ – After four days on the witness stand, accused murderer Marshall Doud stepped down Tuesday afternoon and his attorney rested his case.

Doud was the only defense witness to testify during the jury trial, which began Aug. 4 and could send the 43-year-old to state prison for the rest of his life. He is accused of allegedly smothering his wife, Morgana, 42, early on Sept. 4, 2007.

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