Live Coverage: LAX Shooting, 1 Dead 7 Injured

LAX shooting: The latest Another shooting….another SSRI antidepressant??? Airports nationwide on alert. Once again we wait and see. Then we wonder again when will it end?! Decades of research documents that when antidepressants increase levels of serotonin they produce impulsive murder and suicide. Although with all of the absolutely insane rules and regulations TSA now…

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TRAZADONE: Update: 13 Dead in Washington DC Naval Yard Shooting

Aaron Alexis TRAZADONE: 13 Dead in Washington DC Naval Yard Shooting This morning the New York Times released the fact that over the past month Aaron Alexis has been on the antidepressant, Trazadone (Desyrel), given to treat insomnia. (See quotes below.) Of course I am not finished asking questions. I want to know what he…

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ZOLOFT: 12 Year Old Boy Kills 5 Week Old Infant: Georgia

The mother testified Wednesday morning in a
Cobb County, Ga., courtroom, where the Tampa boy faces charges of felony murder
and cruelty to children. He has pleaded not guilty. Juvenile Court Judge A.
Gregory Poole will decide the case without a jury.

The unidentified boy
­ a court order keeps his name secret ­ was visiting relatives July 4
outside Atlanta when his cousin stopped at the Target to pick up food for a
picnic. According to court testimony, the 22-year-old mother left the keys in
the ignition and the air conditioning on as she shopped at the store for 18
minutes. When Young returned, the boy was playing on his cell phone in the back
seat. The radio was turned louder. And the infant was not responsive.

baby girl was taken off life support the next day. A medical examiner found
multiple skull fractures and ruled the cause of death blunt force trauma to the

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