MEDICATIONS: Yet Another So Called “Terrorist” on Meds!

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Take away these serotonergic medications on both sides of this war and
there would be no war, and likely never would have been a war – except for those
determined to have one for profits only!
From the LA Times report just three months after 9/11 we learned
that the Taliban psychiatrist had posters of antidepressants all over his
office and he was reported as saying that what the Taliban needed was not more
guns, but more Prozac. Of course it follows that if they needed
more, he already had them on antidepressants. He then made this
chilling statement that clearly says anyone he saw would be prescribed
one of these drugs: “Allah has given these drugs great power. Taking them
is like swallowing a little piece of God.”
We now have so many of our US military on these drugs that for several
years now we have lost more soldiers to suicide than we have in combat.
Even those that make it back home are lucky to wake up in the mornings because
so many of them are dying in their sleep from the drug combos they are
being prescribed by the VA.
On top of all that we have those like this fellow being arrested as a
terrorist” because of his reactions to his medications‘ It reminds me of the
young man I attempted to help in Israel several years ago. He was so painfully
shy that his doctor gave him Paxil to treat his Social Anxiety Disorder. His
family read my book and were alarmed and very concerned, but the young man
“seemed to be doing okay” on the drug and they thought that if they just
watched him carefully he would be okay. So they watched carefully, they thought,
until he got up in the middle of the night, blew up an Army jeep, and began
ranting and raving about wanting to be a suicide bomber! (Keep in mind that he
went on this drug because he was shy!) Needless to say no one was more
embarrassed and shocked by his behavior than he was!
Speaking out in her son’s defense, Nadia Alessa admitted he suffered from
severe anger management issues, but insisted he does not pose a threat to the
country where he was born to Palestinian immigrants.

“Anything makes him
angry,” Nadia Alessa, told CNN of her son. “But he’s not a terrorist; he’s a
stupid kid.”

In interviews with CNN and The New York Times, Alessa said her
son was so full of rage, he began seeing psychiatrists and taking medications to
control his moods at age 6. The boy known for screaming at his mother and
roughing up his father’s car changed schools no less than 10 times, the Times

Who Are the Alleged New Jersey Jihadists?

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Michelle Ruiz

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(June 13) — The two New
Jersey men arrested at New York’s John F.
Kennedy Airport and charged with conspiring to kill U.S. troops overseas were
troubled, rebellious teens, according to reports. The pair’s brushes with the
law and extreme anti-American sentiments eventually sparked an elaborate
take-down by the FBI.

Mohamed Mahmood Alessa, 20, of North Bergen, N.J.,
and Carlos Eduardo Almonte, 24, of Elmwood Park, N.J., were reportedly nabbed
with help from an undercover rookie New York policeman of Egyptian descent, The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.,
. Alessa’s mother, Nadia Alessa, told CNN she thought the man Alessa
and Almonte called “Bassim” recorded provocative remarks the pair made and built
a case against them.

This undated photo provided by the U.S. Marshals on Wednesday June 9, 2010 shows Mohamed Mahmoud Alessa (left) and Carlos Eduardo Almonte (right).

U.S. Marshals/AP
Family and friends of the alleged New Jersey jihadists,
Mohamed Mahmood Alessa, left, and Carlos Eduardo Almonte, say the pair were
rebellious teens. Alessa and Almonte were arrested June 5 at New York’s JFK
airport, where they planned to fly separately to Somalia by way of Egypt to join
a terrorist organization, the FBI said.

In November 2009, the
officer’s wire captured potentially damning conversations between Alessa and

“A lot of people need to get killed, bro. Swear to God. I have
to get an assault rifle and just kill anyone that even looks at me the wrong
way, bro,” Alessa said, according to transcripts included in the criminal
complaint. “My soul cannot rest until I shed blood. I wanna, like, be the
world’s known terrorist. I swear to God.”

Speaking out in her son’s
defense, Nadia Alessa admitted he suffered from severe anger management issues,
but insisted he does not pose a threat to the country where he was born to
Palestinian immigrants.

“Anything makes him angry,” Nadia Alessa, told
CNN of her son. “But he’s not a terrorist; he’s a stupid kid.”

interviews with CNN and The New York Times, Alessa said her
son was so full of rage, he began seeing psychiatrists and taking medications to
control his moods at age 6. The boy known for screaming at his mother and
roughing up his father’s car changed schools no less than 10 times, the Times
Alessa alarmed students and
staffers at two public high schools — North Bergen and KAS Prep in 2005 and
2006, after threatening to “blow up the school, mutilate gays and punish women
who were not subordinate to men,” school officials told the Times.

Department of Homeland Security was alerted and North Bergen relegated Alessa to
a public library to receive his lessons under the watchful eye of a security
guard, a school spokesman said, because “administrators felt that his presence
in school posed a safety threat to other students and staff.”

Despite his
behavioral issues, Alessa’s mother said she gave her son new clothes and cell

“He was a spoiled kid,” she told the Times. “He acted like a
teenager. He thought he was a king.”

In 2005, Alessa reportedly met
Almonte, a naturalized citizen of Dominican descent who in the previous year had
converted from Catholicism to Islam. Almonte, who had been arrested for bringing
a knife to school and drinking beer in a public park, reportedly visited local
mosques and called himself Omar.

A year later, the FBI received a tip
that the two men discussed holy war and killing non-Muslims, prompting
authorities to begin to “keep a watch” on them, according to the Times. The men
traveled to Jordan in February 2007 hoping to be recruited by a militant
jihadist group, the FBI said. By 2008, Almonte was posting quotations from
jihadist clerics on his Facebook page and searches of his computer revealed he
was following teachings from al-Qaida leaders, including Osama bin

The undercover New York policeman infiltrated their inner circle
in 2009, The Star-Ledger reported. Nadia Alessa told CNN she told her son she
was suspicious of his new friend.

“Since I saw him, I warned my son and
Carlos,” she said. “But my son say, ‘Always you say about my friends they are
undercover.’ ”

Authorities allege that Alessa and Almonte’s separate
flights to Egypt on June 5 were part of their plot to go to Somalia to join
al-Shabaab, which in 2008 was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S.
government. The men were arrested and charged with conspiring to kill, maim and
kidnap persons outside the country. They were denied bail last week by a federal
judge who called them a flight risk and a potential danger to the

A Swedish woman claiming to be Alessa’s fiancee, 19-year-old
Siham Abedar, 19, told New Jersey’s The Record she broke
down in tears after learning of his arrest. She said she was waiting for him in
Egypt, where they planned to marry. She denied Alessa wanted to “do jihad or

“I know it’s not true,” she said. “I know he wanted to get
married. He wanted to have kids. He wanted to do a lot of things.”

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My SSRI Experience

“When I held a knife, I could see in my mind me killing my family and then killing myself.”

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience. It all starts back to December, 2003, in which my life started to take a change. I am only thirteen years old, I was only twelve then, when I started to experience mild depression. If anyone has heard the Stacie Orrico song “There’s Gotta Be More To Life” that’s exactly how I felt. I’ve had a pretty decent childhood, I mean, yeah, there’s been some hard times, but not nearly as bad as others had it.

Anyways, I got this feeling like there was something missing. It could’ve just been me being a young teenager dealing with her raging hormones. But whatever it was, it was causing a disruption in my life. I had always made extremely good grades, (All A’s and one B in math) and I usually got along with everyone. I went to a psychiatrist because I couldn’t sleep at night and I was feeling sad a lot. He diagnosed me with Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Major Depression Disorder.

I had been obsessed with mental health a few months before, so I knew all about these disorders already. In fact, I had printed out maybe 300 pages on different psychiatric disorders. I was convinced I was in the prodigal stages of Schizophrenia, but my doctor laughed it off and said “No way.” He prescribed Lexapro, an alleged “miracle drug” because it had few, mild side effects and it would supposedly help with all three of my disorders. It was a miracle drug, for a while. For about three weeks I was feeling on top of the world. My grades picked up, I was making more friends, and I wasn’t arguing with my steady boyfriend like usual. Then, it all went downhill. I started to feel like something was watching me, and I would have out of body experiences. When I got especially tired, I would feel like I didn’t really exist and it was all a dream. I became obsessed with gothic and dark things.

My whole personality changed. I began by gothic clothing and! I was crying every night for no apparent reason. Even more, I started having heated arguments with my mother, worse than usual. I began to get defiant, cussing, getting interested in alcohol, and thinking getting in trouble was fun. Two months into taking the medication, (going from 10mg to 15 mg) I was in a counselor’s office when I had a panic attack. I really felt like a demon was possessing me. I was crying wildly, saying that I would find a way to kill myself even if my family took all the dangerous objects away. I was that desperate to die. I even began talking to a seventeen year old boy, sending him suggestive pictures of myself over the internet and meeting with him behind my parents’ back.

In the counselor’s office, she suggested my mother take me to the hospital to be put in a crisis unit. When I got there, I was completely numb to all emotion. The psychiatrist there was a complete crackpot. He had no idea what he was doing and diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder just because my grandmother was Bipolar. To make things worse, HE ASKED FOR A LIST OF WHAT MY GRANDMOTHER TOOK.

He gave me the exact same medication, same dose. What an idiot! So I was on 800mg of Depakote and some number of Ambien. Ambien totally knocked me out. I turned into a loaf and slept all day. The Depakote made me have extremely bad cramps and feelings of paranoia. When I got out of the crisis unit four days later, my psychiatrist took me off Depakote and put me back on Lexapro.

I went home thinking everything was going to be okay. Hah! A few days later, while blasting a gothic rock CD, I had my first self-mutilating experience. It wasn’t much, but I cut myself with a blunt kitchen knife. I did enough damage to bleed a little, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. From then on, it became a habit. Now, my step dad collects daggers and swords and hangs them on the wall. I always looked, but I never touched. Around that time, 8th grade started up and I was nervous as hell. For around three days, I had no friends and no one wanted to talk to me because I was so out of it. I finally made some friends with Gothic’s like me, and I felt a little better.

But most nights, I went home crying and sitting in my closet. I would sit there in my walk in closet, with lights out and cry. And sometimes when my parents weren’t home, I’d take a pencil eraser and erase the skin on my thighs until it bled. I had about 15 incidents in which I erased my skin. I completely shut myself out from my parents and ignored them. I was rude and mean to my stepsisters. Then the time came that I built up the nerve to actually do some damage. I took a sharp dagger off the wall, blasted Evanescence as loud as it could go, and sliced my thighs 11 times, and watched myself bleed. I allowed myself to lay there and bleed, and it brought me great pleasure to know that I was dying inside. I started to laugh manically, so enthralled with my loss of blood. I wanted to cry until I laughed so hard it kill! ed me. I wanted to scream and release everything inside of me. I wanted to binge and throw up my guts. All these violent images flooded my head. When I held a knife, I could see in my mind me killing my family and then killing myself.

That brought me intense fear because I loved my family very much. In church, I would cuss God out in my head and see disturbing images of people being dismembered. My moods were swinging so badly, that my doctor put me on the antipsychotic, Risperdal. In just three months, it went from 0.5mg to 1.5 mg. (3.0 mg is a fairly high dosage) In February of 2004, I attempted suicide. I was at the ultimate rock bottom. I hated myself, I was lost in these violent thoughts, and I wanted to burn in Hell. I had no other pills, so I overdosed on pamprin.

Yes, it sounds stupid, but I was desperate. My mother found out and called the ambulance. They were not compassionate at all, and the nurse gladly shoved a tube up my nose. My stomach was pumped for six hours through a tube in my nose, and I threw up charcoal four times, not to mention it came out the other end twice. (Both times I asked for a bed pan and they took their sweet time and made me stain the sheets)

I was then Baker Acted and sent back to the crisis unit of the hospital. Four days later, I was out. Then my mother told me she was sending me to a residential. I stayed at the residential for 6 weeks, begging to come home each night. They discharged me, hoping I was better. I threw out my gothic CD’s, clothes, and stuff like that. Right now, I’m trying to repair my relationships with family and friends. But still, I feel like I have to chase down each temporary high. I truly feel that these medications did not help me whatsoever, if not made me worse. I will be hopefully taken off medications tomorrow, and I will have to go through the withdrawal process.

I strongly advise using natural remedies for depression. I feel that these antidepressants and antipsychotics do nothing for you at all, they just turn into another addictive drug like heroine or LSD. If you’re having the same problem I am, hang in there. I know we can make it through.

Holly Easter