On Your Birthday Diana We Reveal WHO Took Your Life While Your Sons Reveal A Statue In Your Honor

The driver on Dodi and Diana’s  fatal last journey should probably not have been behind the wheel at all that night.

The jury’s verdict placed much of the responsibility for the crash on him, more perhaps than even the coroner had suggested in his summing up.
My main focus in writing my book on antidepressants was to wake up doctors to the problems in the serotonin hypothesis & the dangers of antidepressants to stop them from prescribing SSRI antidepressants & help loved ones to see what these drugs were doing to their family members.
The cravings for alcohol was what first caught my attention & got me to start researching these drugs, shouting warnings about them & writing my book on them now titled, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare!
I was in the perfect place to see the alcohol cravings…Utah where most were non-drinkers. I had two good friends, neither of which ever knew one another, but both had a prescription for Prozac and very much out of character for both, were drinking alcohol heavily. Both aware of my background in studying health for years knew something was wrong & began repeatingly asking me to look into Prozac. Both were active members of the LDS Church which has a strict health code when it comes to mind altering substances including alcohol.
I had understood for years what Dr. James Milam, author of the best seller, “Under The Influence” had also figured out which is that alcoholism is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It is the body’s way of pushing an individual in an attempt to balance sugar levels in order to prevent additional loss of brain cells. Physicians are taught to watch closely for any medications which may be affecting blood sugar because of that potential deadly negative impact upon the brain.
When I finally heard the extreme concern in the voices of both friends I stopped by a local pharmacy & picked up a package insert for Prozac & there it was clear as day in black & white. Both hypoglycemia & diabetes had been reported with the drug. My friends were having hypogycemic reactions to Prozac causing them to reach for alcohol to bring their blood sugar back up! The problem is that although alcohol will bring the sugar level back up quickly, it rebounds dropping the sugar even lower causing the person to crave more & more & more. (The sugar connection is very easy to see if you watch a group of people trying to get sober from alcohol because they are eating sugar, sugar, sugar & more sugar to compensate for what the alcohol was doing.) Of course both alcohol & sugar are the wrong way to go to balance sugar. Several years later Dr. Milam & I connected & of course were very supportive of one another. His work was wonderfully spot on as his clinic was having almost ZERO recidivism by putting people with alcohol issues on a hypoglycemic diet.
So after working with the French police on a very high profile murder/suicide case in France in the early 1990’s I did not hesitate to call the police in Paris. I let them know that in the crash that killed Dodi Fayed & Princess Di they had a driver who must be on Prozac to cause him to drink so heavily that night as to have an over three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. I told them the clues were clear & detailed those for them below:
#1 His parents were adamant that Henri Paul was a non-drinker & the authorities must have someone else’s blood, yet Henri Paul was drinking so heavily that they had given him a drug like antabuse to help him stop.
#2 He also did not appear drunk which is common when on an antidepressant.
#3 He had excessive amounts of alcohol in his system – over three times the legal limit!
#4 Antidepressants are notorious for causing mania/bipolar. In fact when Prozac was first introduced psychiatrists refused to prescribe it because it so rapidly produced mania. But what most are completely unaware of is that one form of mania, “dipsomania,” is described as having “overwhelming cravings for alcohol”!
#5 And the following I was not aware of until this past year when I first saw the attached photo of Henri Paul taken moments before the fatal crash.
In that photo Henri Paul had what has long been called “Prozac eyes” indicating he was at a toxic level of this drug & going off the deep end & becoming very impulsive.
As I often point out people on these antidepressants do not have a meter reader on their foreheads which will flash the warning “Toxic Level” when the serotonin is too high.
The police listened to me explain all this & then checked to find within the week that Henri Paul was indeed on Prozac. That of course explained the compulsions he was having to drink alcohol which were out of character for him. The French authorities announced his Prozac use in Paris the day before the University of Oslo introduced my data on antidepressants causing these overwhelming cravings for alcohol.
Sadly no one paid much attention to that in the news of what happened that fateful night or I have no doubt there would have been a wrongful death suit filed against Eli Lilly!
I have little doubt Pharma helped create all the various conspiracy theories around that crash to distract from the fact the driver was drugged out of his mind & on their most popular drug – a drug that caused him to drink heavily which was totally out of character for him.
Eli Lilly was already working to rebuild their tarnished image in France after French investigators had determined that in the horrific murder/suicide case I had worked with them on there was no guilt of the young man who did the killing of his German fiancee & himself, but it was instead the terrible outcome of the use of the American drug Prozac! Their headline news ran the story that way! I am sure they did not want the negative publicity of the press pointing out that Princess Di’s driver was driven to drink by the American drug, Prozac!
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such press herein America?! This nightmare would likely have ended LONG AGO if the press had told the truth in all the following tragic outcomes: SSRIstories.net

My Drug Induced Psychoses on Ativan

“To all who read this letter , make no mistake about it . This can happen to you .”


On August 31, 1998 I had quit smoking with the assistance of the nicotine patch. After three days of use I started to experience excessive anxiety and felt a medical opinion was necessary.

I entered my local ER and was seen by a physician whose instructions were to continue the use of the patch. He prescribed Xanax for the anxiety, and instructed me to return if the symptoms persisted or if I experienced any side affects from the drug.

After four days of using Xanax, I began to experience mass confusion, racing thoughts, intense anxiety, negative personally changes, amplified sounds, excessive pacing, in addition to physical symptoms which included urinary retention, involuntary muscular movement, tachycardia, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness.

On the morning of Sept 6, 1998 my husband took me back to the ER when I was treated by another physician, blood testing revealed toxic level of nicotine, his discharge diagnosis was “nicotine toxicity/possible nervous breakdown.”

He administered an injection of Ativan (same drug as Xanax ) along with another drug PO (Inapsine) given at the hospital, and two sleeping pills(Ambien) for later that night. I would like to note I was unable to explain my condition due to my mental state and at this point I accepted treatment as given and have limited recollection of this visit.
Due to the Ativan my symptoms worsened after I returned home. At 7:00p.m. Saturday night I was experiencing what was later diagnosed as a drug induced psychoses. My husband took me back to the ER and I was now under the care of a third doctor.

In spite of my husbands continued efforts to tell him my condition was due to a drug reaction (I was unable to coherently explain) the Dr. insisted I sign myself into a psychiatric unit, knowing he was misdiagnosing my condition I refused. He then abruptly told my husband there was to be no more talking and stated “the state has to commit her.” He exited the room and proceeded to call crisis intervention.

At this time my husband was under the impression they were going to send me to the state hospital, (he never looked at the voluntary commitment papers and did not understand what they were) he began to scold me for not signing the papers, his impression was, the papers were consent to admit to a medical floor. He was upset with my decision not to remain at the hospital. Although he did not agree with the recommendation of a state hospital he was not aware he had any control in the decision and did not challenge the doctors expertise. In an attempt to escape this terrible situation, I announced I was leaving, my husband stated “go ahead and leave.”

I attempted to leave the hospital when I was forcefully stopped in the hallway by personnel, I momentarily lost conciseness which went unnoticed and I was then picked up by my legs and arms, my shirt was up around my neck, with my breasts exposed, carried back to the room thrown onto the genre, and as they held me down I was given an injection of Droperidol. With three men present (no females) they announced they were going to undress and gown me, I resisted fiercely to protect my privacy and as a result I was restrained. I would like to add the restraint record reflects alternative measures were taken to this action and I can only say this is a blatant lie to which my family will verify.
I laid screaming, now more intense and extremely agitated, and I’m sure, this was due to adverse affects from the droperidol as there was no calming effects whatsoever, and after 2 injections in a 2 hour period I would think, I would be heavily sedated. I find it amazing none of the professionals recognized this and in spite of my family calling their attention to my increased intense state, it fell upon deaf ears. Before I was transported they again administered a third injection which continued to intensify my symptoms.

Once crisis arrived, based on sight and sound and a flat out lie by the Doctor stating I was suicidal, (to which my family will verify was false) a 302 was issued. He also documents my having a history of psychoses and once again this is totally false. I did, however suffer a post natal depression eighteen years ago after the birth of my son.

The Dr. suggested my husband leave, and with the thought that I would be cared, for he complied. He now knows it was a mistake. I was left for over 3 hours without a pillow, a blanket, the offer of water and I was still violently screaming and slamming my body to the genre. I was experiencing chills, and was dehydrated upon arrival at the psychiatric unit and yet none of my needs were attended to. I was never advised of my rights and the records indicate this procedure was not followed.
During the transport the ambulance crew made derogatory slurs toward my mental state which I found totally repulsive.
Upon arrival at the psychiatric unit the attending psychiatrist acted on the ER. report and prescribed a medley of drugs via the telephone which included more Ativan, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and even in my confused mind I attempted to save myself by spitting them out but they were quickly administered by injection against my will.
To sum up this nightmare after 4 days of confinement and due to the holiday weekend I was finally seen by a competent psychiatrist who promptly discontinued all medication and released me after 24 hours of observation.

There are many details which are untold due to the length of this letter and I am appalled by the treatment I received and the horror I was forced to endure.

To all who read this letter make no mistake about it this can happen to you with or without the label of “Mental Illness”. I believe then as I do now I was perceived to be mentally ill because of my depression 18 years before even though I have not treated nor have been on any medication since that time. I have led a productive life prior to the depression and for the years following. I am a homeowner, I work full time as a bookkeeper, and I have my own business in which I developed a product and now market it. I also believe the doctors ran with the ball when they discovered my mother was diagnosed with mental illness and this gave them just what they needed to form a conclusion.

I very easily could have died in that hospital and yet they justified what they did as an effort to save me from myself. I never had any thought of hurting myself or any one else if I was in any danger it was by their hands not mine.


This is Survivor Story number 7.
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Four Weeks after Luvox, I Feel Dizzy, Lethargic and Fatigued.

“I still feel terrible – a lot worse than I did before ever taking it.”


Four weeks ago I discontinued Luvox because of side effects. I was on a very low dose but still did not like the reaction from it. It has been four weeks now and I still feel terrible – a lot worse than I did before ever taking it. I have been told it can take awhile for these symptoms to go away. I feel dizzy at times, lethargic, fatigued, headache, certain foods make it worse. I have also noticed if I eat turkey I get real confused and tired. What is going on with me, and how long does it take? I should have learned better than to take these from my experience with the Serzone I took for two weeks. It took about two months for me to feel normal again, I was dizzy and sick and tired.

Remember, as I mention in my book, that turkey is one of the foods with high levels of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin. When a toxic level of serotonin is reached due to the use of these SSRI’s adding anything that will increase serotonin will trigger adverse reactions. Turkey is one of the worst for producing reactions.

Ann Blake-Tracy

Years 2000 and Prior

This is Survivor Story number 60.
Total number of stories in current database is 96