Vaccine Whistle Blower: CDC Caught in Billion-Dollar Scheme to Sell Vaccines

CDC caught in billion-dollar scheme to sell vaccines by Jon Rappoport, September 5, 2014 If someone told you…a public relations agency promoting the benefits of refined sugar was also doing scientific studies on the effects of sugar…you’d laugh. You’d naturally know the studies were worthless. You’d understand the “researchers” were slanting data, cooking data, burying…

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS – How We Are All Adversely Affected

I am going to share a couple of experiences in my life today to help you to see how incredibly widespread the nightmare of these antidepressants really is.

This is a picture of me walking past the hearse today to dedicate my mother’s grave as her final resting place. The look on my face is not from anything to do with burying my mother, instead it is shock from seeing the grave next to the hearse just a few graves away from my parent’s graves.

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Mother Kills Daughter, 2, After Hearing Biblical Story of Abraham

Little doubt this is an antidepressant case.
This is just like the Jimmy Stewart movie from the 50’s – Bigger Than Life, a real life story about a mild mannered school teacher who went into a manic psychosis from steroids before doctors realized the drugs could do that. Now it is being repeated worldwide daily by the use of antidepressants. Better check her meds to see if she was on the same ones Andrea Yates was given at maximum dose before she drowned her five children. If you are interested there is an entire database of similar cases documented at

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