For several years now we have lost more soldiers to suicide than we have lost in combat. Rather than address the obvious issue here – the drugging of our troops with antidepressants known to produce double the rate of suicidal ideation in this age group, the Army has just given $3 Million to develop & test a chemical hormone which will be inhaled as a treatment to prevent suicide. Now antidepressants have a strong negative effect upon the thyroid with most patients I have dealt with ending up being diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the use of antidepressants. So treatment with a thyroid hormone may appear to be an answer, but using a method to deliver that hormone directly to the brain via the nasal passage would NOT be my idea of a best choice.

(What is suicidal ideation? Suicidal ideation is constant ruminating thoughts bordering on compulsions of committing suicide & similar thoughts of various ways of committing suicide.)

Why? Since it is regulated by the FDA we know it is not natural, but chemical or synthetic. And what happens when you bypass the liverm which filters toxic substances, to deliver this straight to the brain? we have all heard of the dangers of inhalants causing immediate brain damage. We are told not to inhale the gasoline fumes as we fill our cars for the same reason. Now if they were considering producing an inhalant like low temperature steam distilled Myrtle oil to assist the body in healing the tyroid I would be 100% behind them! Since the early 90’s I have tracked the information being brought to the United States by Dr Gary Young of Young Living Oils. This is the science behind treatment with essential oils/aromatherapy oils. I was impressed with the thought of deliving nutrients (not chemicals!) to the body & brain via the nasal passage or the skin post antidepressant because metabolism was so seriously impaired by the antidepressants people had been taking. And after the use of antidepressants there were regularly problems with multiple chemical sensitivity. So bypassing the liver to introduce those nutrients appeared to be clearly essential as the liver was so preoccupied in the withdrawal phase with detoxing the drugs.

One of the first antidepressant survivors I met in 1990 told me that his cold turkey approach to withdrawal was so bad that in order to manage the withdrawal he had gone out to a ranch by himself with a bag of various aromatherapy oils. He constantly inhaled those oils one after another placing the bottle to one nostril while holding the other closed, inhaling deeply then switching to do the same with the other nostril. While an extremely frightening experience, since cold turkey is NEVER a way to go in withdrawing from an antidepressant, he was able to make it through the withdrawal & do well by taking this approach. This was my first introduction to the therapeutic grade low temperature steam distilled essential aromatherapy oils. As the research on my book came together I included much of the science I had gathered on these oils in the book. Just a couple of things covered there are that Rose oil was long used in prisons to prevent prisoners from being violent. Antother is that Bergmot, the main ingredient in the Young Living combination of oil called “Joy,” has long been used to treat the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder.


An NPR radio show I did several years ago was with a mother whose teenage daughter was showing all the signs of a Bipolar reaction to her SSRI antidepressant. As her daughter smelled all of the oils, the one she was drawn to was a combination of oils used for symptoms of Bipolar called Joy. As she took the oil home with her & continued to smell it she became strong enough to wean off her antidepressant. She is now a young mother with a family of her own & an accomplished massage therapist who always uses the oils in her work. She has also never had another bout of depression.

You can listen to our NPR interview in Boulder, Colorado by clicking on the following link where the mother, Kathy Farmer, who has become a leading expert on the oils, explains the science behind how the oils helped her daughter:

The first half of the show is an interview with me detailing the problems with antidepressants & the hypothesis behind these drugs. We also discussed the steroid effect of antidepressants, comedian Phil Hartman & his wife Brynn’s Zoloft-induced murder/suicide case, the Cymbalta-induced suicide of Tracy Johnson in Eli Lilly’s laboratory, etc. Then the second half is the interview with Kathy Farmer on how the aromatherapy oils work & tells how she used them to result in the release of her daughter from a psychiatric hospital & to help her wean completely off of the antidepressants.

So impressed have I been with the results of these oils that they have been almost my sole form of therapy for over 20 years during which there has been absolutely no need whatsoever to see a doctor even though I have dealt with another bout of cancer, double pneumonia, a very serious burn, concussion, back problems, & serious injuries. All have been handled rapidly by the oils with pain subsiding almost instantly & healing coming very rapidly in every instance – far outperforming anything I have seen from medical science! Medical miracles do not even begin to compare to the miracles I have seen come from these oils.

Six oils I carry with me at all times & will not be without are:

Peppermint – This is an oil I use to prevent pain & any bruising from injuries, bumps, falls, etc. – a must with kids! It instantly stops bruising! I used it earlier this year to prevent complications from a serious head injury by immediately applying it to the injured area to prevent bruising & swelling to the brain from a fall. I also will rub a few drops of peppermint into my scalp if I have trouble really waking up or feeling clear headed in the morning – my healthy replacement for the stimulant most people use -coffee. And I love it when it comes to helping me stay awake if driving long distances. I also use it for an upset stomach or a tea made by putting a couple of drops in some distilled or purified water & sweetened with liguid stevia. And my daughter has long used it for headaches by applying a drop or two just inside the hair line at the temples. A friend who was on the dangerous drug Celebrex (same family as Vioxx & Bextra which have been pulled from the market due to heart attacks) for back pain weaned off that in two weeks using peppermint oil on his back instead.

Lemon – This is the disinfectant hospitals always used until chemicals began to be invented as disinfectants. Putting your lemon peels down your disposal with hot water after jucing them will both disinfect your disposal while giving off a wonderful smell of fresh lemons in your kitchen! I also use this oil for a tea made by putting a couple of drops in some distilled or purified water & sweetened with liguid stevia. Besides smelling great & reminding me of driving through the citris orchards of Arizona when I was young Lemon lifts the mood & helps with depression. Studies show that rubbing lemon on a desk will improve brain function by 32% & difusing it into the air to breathe it will increase brain function by 68%. No wonder I have always loved the smell of lemon!

Valor – This is a combination of oils that earned its name because this combination was used by warriors as they went into battle to give them courage. For years I used it to give me more courage as I gave public lectures or appeared before the FDA, etc. or did television shows since I was voted the “Most Bashful” in my senior class in high school. I would certainly recommend Valor for shyness before an SSRI antidepressant! This oil is also known as a “chiropractor in a bottle” helping with back problems. So if my granddaughter has me pick her up one too many times & my back suddenly goes out, I reach for my Valor & then peppermint & am back on my feet fairly quickly. Of course if I can find a Nuka Chiropractor around I am on my feet even faster!

Frankincense – Is what I use for cancer or cancer prevention. I have many medical studies done on all types of cancer & Frankincense which I have posted now in our section on aromatherapy oils. A few years back a friend’s father was scheduled for surgery to remove his bladder because of cancer. He immediately began using Frankincense on his abdominal area & drinking alkaline water (something I DO NOT recommend unless you are constantly checking your PH level to make sure your PH does not go too high!!!). His surgery that was scheduled a month away was canceled before the month was up & two months after he started the Frankincense he was told he had no cancer. Two weeks later the research on Frankincense’s ability to kill bladder cancer cells came out of the University of Oklahoma. Of course it was no surprise to us. His daughter who had been helping him was a nurse who was completely amazed by the results.

Also I have always used for fluid buildup in the lungs with pneumonia. Removes the fluid for me within minutes! Just before Hospice murdered my father he was suffering from pneumonia (although they were not treating him for it with anything other than painkillers). When I first walked into the room his breathing was horrible! I have heard the term “death rattle” before & immediately assumed what I was hearing must be what that term stood for. The rattling in his breathing was awful & you could literally hear the fluid in his lungs. I asked for the bottle of Frankincense & immediately applied it to his chest. Within minutes his breathing cleared by a good 70%. A half an hour later I applied the Frankincense once again & his breathing became normal. As a nurse walked in she remarked, “Wow! Listen to his breathing! It is so calm & peaceful!” Tragically I was not aware of their intentions & they carried on with their mission of death as they put him into a drug-induced coma & then refused all fluids until he died of dehydration in spite of my constant pleas to hydrate him.

Lavender – This I use for cuts, scrapes, & especially burns. Can’t be beat for burns! I have seen burns so bad that the blister immediately begins to form, but with Lavender applied the burn is generally gone overnight. And the same is true of sunburns.

Purification – Is a combination of oils I use for bug bites of any kind. Just yesterday we were out where a little girl was stung by a bee & my daughter came running to borrow my purification oil for the little girl to use. In fact a few years ago when my brother was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider this is the oil he used. Instead of having a huge chunk of his leg die off from the bite, it began to heal & quickly showed no sign of any bite.


More information on the oils & a link to order any of the oils can be found in the link above for the NPR radio program. Or you can go directly there by clickng on the following link:

US Army grants $3 million for anti-suicide nasal spray research

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