9/19/2000 – Memory and the Theraputic Effect of Sage

I discussed both in my book as well as in my tape on safe withdrawal the
efficacy of essential oils for theraputic use. There is much scientific
research on the value of using essential oils via aroma therapy and
theraputic use. As memory is so adversely affected by serotonergic
medications, I thought you might all be interested in this latest research on
the benefits of the theraputic use of sage oil reported in Britan yesterday.

Excuse me while I grab my bottle of sage oil. 🙂

Ann Blake-Tracy

From Britain as reported in The Globe & Mail 18th Sept. 2000..

Rubbing sage into the scalp can improve memory and may protect against
dementia, according to Dr. John Wilkinson of Britain’s Middlesex University.

The research suggests that essential oils derived from the plant can
prevent the breakdown of a key chemical messenger in the brain involved in
storing and recalling events, says The Daily Telegraph.

Researches are so impressed by early tests on the herb that they are
starting clinical trials to see if it can delay symptoms of aging and
Alzheimer’s disease.

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