For over 20 years now I have run non-stop in this battle. So I have not slowed down to look much at what is going on around me as far as who has come on board to help or how the battle is going, etc. Of course I have done a quick scan of the whole situation occasionally, but that has been about it. So, the other day in searching for something else I ran across the following statements about my book & was both pleasantly surprised & humbled by what is said here which I have added to previous praise for the book. I thought I would share this with you so that you know a little more about the book that I so often forget to even mention which is why so many who have read the book scold me for that forgetfulness because it has been such a lifesaver for them.

I will admit how shocked I have been to continuously hear, “I would not be without your book…I keep it right next to my Bible as a reference!” or “Thank you! Your book saved my life or saved my mother, sister, brother’s life!” Both statements I have heard so many many times over the years. And after spending so many years gathering the research it is heartwarming to hear such wonderful things being said about the work, especially after doctors trying to get me to break the book up into 15 books because they said there was too much information for one book. And I could make so much money putting out many different books. They just did not understand you need to know this much to completely see the whole picture of what these drugs are doing…everything was much too important to leave out!

The latest edition of the book (Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare in ebook format only at this point) is about the whole family of serotonergic antidepressants – the Prozac family of antidepressants, thus the title. The information in the book is centered around serotonin & the damage it can produce as these drugs inhibit the metabolism of serotonin. You can find additional information & excerpts from the book on our website at www.drugawareness.org. And the book, along with the CD on safe & successful withdrawal are available on the same website.

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & www.ssristories.drugawareness.org
Author: “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare” – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”



“The work Dr. Ann Blake Tracy is doing is very important and she is truly a heroine.”… Dr. Candace Pert, Washington, DC



I appreciate Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?  so much that I always keep it on my nightstand near my bed so it is at my fingertips as a reference whenever I need it! What incredible reference material! … Dr. John Lee



“Magnificent! This text is a monument to Ann Tracy’s tenacity and love for her fellow human beings.”… Dr. Paul Kennedy



I was stunned at the amount of research Ann Blake-Tracy has done on this subject. Few researchers go to as much trouble agressively gathering information on the adverse reactions of Prozac, Zoloft and other SSRIs. I had reactions to this class of drugs and I did exhaustive research, coming up with only bits and pieces of information trying to find out exactly what happened to me. All the doctors that I visited were ignorant to what was happening to me, but after reading the book and understanding exactly what happened, why it happened and knowing that I wasn’t alone with these “new” symptoms (She has personally interviewed hundereds, if not thousands of patients) I came to a realization that it was the drugs that caused those problems. She truly knows more about the subject of the effects of SSRIs on the human mind and body than any other doctor or researcher that I know of. I am looking forward to reading her next book. I know she is boldly continuing her research and has a book in the works.


Ann Blake-Tracy’s book is an objective presentation backed up by scientific studies that have been published in mainstream medical journals. “Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?” demonstrates the extreme dangers and ultimate ineffectiveness of SSRI’s and other antidepressants as well as the utter failure of the psychiatric/medical community to recognize these dangers. Also addressed is the unethical marketing practices that the pharmaceutical companies use to promote these drugs, how the drugs work and cause damage to the body, and what the side effects are and how they are caused by these drugs. Lastly, the book details how one can come off of these very addictive drugs. On a personal note, I’ve taken antidepressants for most of the last 18 years. I could relate to at least 90% of the information that was related in Ann Blake-Tracy’s book. Now as I follow Ann Blake-Tracy’s advice on how to slowly come off of these drugs, I’m finding that my physical, spiritual and psychological health is slowly improving. I am so grateful for this information.


I was very impressed with the amount of research that went into this book. It has given me the courage to do something about the condition the SSRI’s have put me in. Yes, most every one who takes an SSRI at first thinks they are great. Then over the years as the dosages have to be increased (proves the addictive nature of these drugs) and the side affects mount, one slowly changes their mind (If they are still capable of having a coherent thought anymore!) about the so called miracle drug. Once a savior, then turns into a demon.

I personally have lost my sense of self. I have short term memory problems where once my memory was phenomenal. I talk contstantly and can not seem to stop due to the muddled state the SSRI has put my mind in. Maybe I don’t cry as much anymore but I don’t laugh much either. I used to have many friends and now, I am so different and have not clue 1 how to make a friend. Maybe I just don’t care. Drugged up I guess! People who know me now since the SSRI hell started really have no clue who I really am, this includes my own daughter. This saddens me. My entire personality has changed, some alternate being has take me over. I am easily confused and have trouble following a conversation.

As far as no lethal side effects how is suicide and murder and the lost of one’s own mind (death of self) for lethal side effects! And the loss of my ability to really love anyone or care about anything, I find to be lethal as well. I might be easier to live with becauce I get angry less and am less irritable and I don’t cry as much but at what cost? Just drug the patient and put them on a shelf and say they are cured cause they have lost the will and courage to stand up and shout, let me out of here, Zoloft has taken over. I am still under here, HELP!…

If you are depressed there are other answers out there other than SSRI’s. The liver being full of toxins is said to be a cause of depression. That is where I plan to focus my healing. It took me two years to slowing come off Valium and am currently withdrawing from Neuronin which is even a more addictive drug and is harder to come of. It will probably take at least 3 years to totally be free of it and then years to come off the Zoloft. Then I will be Free, except for the damage these drugs have done to my system. If I had it to do again I would have taken a diffent path.

Thanks for writing this valuable book, without it I may never have connected my dwindling health to the SSRI’s.


… as long as people who have no experience being on any of these drugs, keep talking about how “safe” and “helpful” they are, the more people with think it is ok to take them. This book is well written, and deserves much praise. As someone trying to get off paxil, I can tell you it is the most hellish experience of my entire life. This book has given me hope, I no longer feel alone.


We were looking for a book we could recommend to people [and patients] that had questions about what they were encountering with antidepressants. Ann Blake Tracy has compiled the research and named the dangers in such a way that anyone with questions about anti-depressant drugs could find the answers — without taking weeks in the process.
With the FDA reviewing the information that’s been WITHHELD by the pharmaceutical companies over the safety of these drugs, Tracy’s research is INVALUABLE in determining what happened — when — and why. This book is a must have for any one researching this issue whether for the purpose of writing about it or helping others — whether a patient or someone who has to deal with the patient. Finally the truth is out there. Finally the subject is getting the attention it deserves. Finally, the author of the book is testifying before the FDA on what ‘they’ knew and when ‘they’ knew it.

Wonderful book — Fantastic information.


I would recommend this book as REQUIRED reading for every person who has ever struggled with depression or any other symptomology for which an antidepressant might be prescribed. I would also highly advocate this book as REQUIRED reading for every physician before being given license to dispense antidepressants.

Ann Tracy has boldly gone where few dare to tread…

Depression and other mental health ailments can be difficult to manage – nobody who has ever experienced chronic depression would deny this… There are a lot of theories as to the causes and cures of mental health problems, but too often a theory is presented as fact, and the public is being deceived. There is absolutely no biological basis to present depression, bi-polar disorder, or a host of other mental health problems as real diseases. One reader who rated the book claims he has a ‘serotonin deficiency’, and that the SSRIs correct this deficiency. I would be most interested in seeing the evidence, as there are no tests during life or even at autopsy that can measure any individual’s serotonin level. The first person who can present such evidence will be up for a Nobel prize in Biochemistry! This poor soul with a master’s degree has been sadly mislead as has most of the public. I invite all to do your own research. Ann Tracy’s comprehensive list of source references which are indexed in her book make this task quite simple. I applaud Ann Tracy for her courage and wisdom! If you’ve ever considered taking an antidepressant, please read this book! I’m sure you will think twice before taking your friendly Dr’s advice… and this book may well save your life!



This well documented book covers such diverse reactions to the SSRIs as: hypogylcemia, diabetes, REM sleep, sleep disorders, etc. Her bibliogrpahy and index are outstanding. A must read for those willing to reasearch what our “serotonin nightmare” is doing to our country. Never in history have so many people “adjusted” their serotonin without understanding the consequences of this action. I highly recommend this book.



“I started having bad reactions… Oct ‘96 1 found Prozac to be causing joint and muscle pain itself I also became concerned that I was developing signs of Cushing’s Syndrome. . . I was very pro-Prozac until last October and wouldn’t have listened to anything said
against it until I got problems (thought it was saving my life, while all the time it was insidiously and slowly killing me!) When I first heard about your book on the Internet I was interested but quite skeptical. However, since reading it and having suffered so many problems with Prozac, I have come to the conclusion that the book is brilliant, and a life-line as far as I am concerned. I tried to fault the research and reasoning, but could not and still can t. I would like to extend my thanks to you for your heroic stance on this enormously important issue. I have tremendous respect and admiration for your hard work, determination and courage in pursuing this subject so vigorously, against so much powerful opposition for the benefit of people like me. Your integrity puts many, if not most doctors and psychiatrists to shame. It is reassuring to find that there are a few people in the world who are prepared to fight for the truth for the benefit of mankind.”



“PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA? is an incredible compilation of medical data that will lay the
groundwork to educate other professionals and the general public about the new SSRI antidepressants –
Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Effexor and Serzone.”… Jeff Wise, psychologist, Salt Lake County Drug
and Alcohol Abuse


“In 15 years of reading books on drugs I have never read a book with more information or so well
documented as PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA?.. . Dr. Kevin Millet, Bountiful, UT




“You have no idea how helpful and reassuring I have found your book Prozac, Panacea or Pandora has become like a bible to me. I could not put it down when I started reading it. I would like you to know how much comfort I have gained as a result of your work and that! have recommended it to all my helpline clients in the hove that it will give them the same reassurance that I got. I always say to people that if you can only afford to get one book, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy’s book is the one I would recommend as it covers everything.

I have your book, I have all Peter Breggin‘s books and I have Gleninullen‘s book amongst many others. But yours was the one that helped me because it reflected your efforts in carefully researching the information; you listed many medical reference sources which made it easier for the reader to follow up on any aspects they wanted to learn more about and yours is my number one choice when it comes to recommended books.”. . . Ramo Kabbini, head of UK Prozac Survivor’s Group



“PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA? literally saved my life, and if I’d known about it a year earlier, could have saved me untold grief and agony as well. It is the only collated, comprehensive source I know of for this information, and is a much-needed counterbalance to popular books like LISTENING TO PROZAC, which either ignore the issue of serious adverse reactions, or wrongly attribute all reports of such reactions to ‘propaganda from the Church of Scientlogy’. It is also a far more complete treatment of the subject than the books of Peter Breg gin. It was like the light at the end of the tunnel; this book described everything that had happened to me in great detail, gave scientific reasons why it happened, backed it all up with solid research, included testimonials fromn hundreds of others in the same situation, it immaculately details, explains, and refers one to the latest research on a whole hornet’s nest of ‘atypical’ side-and/or after-effects fromn the use of these antidepressants. It also contains information on how to reduce the severity of problems encountered while starting on or going
off these meds.”



“PROZAC: PANACEA OR PANDORA? has not left one question about these drugs unanswered! Ann Tracy has covered them all.”. . . Margaret McCaffery, N. Y. (lost her daughter, a neurosurgeon, in a Prozac suicide)




The International Coalition for Drug Awareness is a private, non-profit group of physicians, researchers, journalists and concerned citizens.

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