An EXCELLENT article discussing the potential of extreme toxic effects of psychiatric medications upon people’s health! Although it has LONG been known that psychiatric drugs shorten life, few ever discuss it. Rarely have I seen someone, other than myself, speak this boldly about how very toxic these drugs are & the exteme gravity of the potential harm from these drugs! This is an article you will want to read for sure!

It is also an article that I believe every patient taking a psychiatric drug needs to take to their prescribing doctor. It is time for responsibility in medicine!

Short & to the point, but packed full of critical information that all patients & their doctors should have!! I will include for you here just a couple of excerpts from the article to give you an idea of what I mean:

“People who have been labeled seriously mentally ill are dying 15 to 25 years earlier than normal [1], and it is clear that this is largely because of the effects of the drugs they are given.”

“Before proceeding, it is essential to state that I believe that suffering people have the right to try anything to ease their pain, as long as two criteria are met – and they almost never are. Those criteria are:
(1)The person recommending a treatment must learn about and disclose to the patient everything that is known about the potential benefits and potential kinds of harm that that treatment carries.
(2)The person recommending a treatment must learn about and inform the patient about the whole array of things that have been helpful to those who have suffered in similar ways (not just the traditional, medicalized approaches but all approaches).”

See the full article here:

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