ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Violence: Man demands bus refund at knifepoint: New Zealand

Paragraph 12 reads: “Mr Henderson said Te Iwimate had mental health
issues, was on anti-depressants and an anti-psychotic injection which he
received on Tuesday. ”

By FELICITY ROSS – Taranaki Daily News
Last updated 05:00 15/04/2010

ROBERT CHARLES/Taranaki Daily News

Police arrested a man about 30 minutes after he allegedly robbed a woman
at knifepoint in the centre of New Plymouth yesterday.
Mohi Te Kupu Te Iwimate, 38, unemployed, of Palmerston North, was charged
with aggravated robbery and appeared in the New Plymouth District Court
yesterday afternoon.
Te Iwimate allegedly entered the bus station on Ariki St just after 8am
yesterday morning and asked the victim for a refund on a bus ticket.
When she refused to give him the refund Te Iwimate allegedly pulled out a
knife and robbed her of $25.
The scene at the Ariki St bus station was cordoned off as police began
forensic tests.
The victim, who has been offered victim support, declined to speak to the
Taranaki Daily News about the ordeal.
She works for Dalroy Tours at the bus station, which is guarded by two
surveillance cameras.
Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward said the knife and money had been
recovered by police.
“The gentleman was disputing a refund of a bus ticket and when he was
declined, pulled out a knife and started brandishing it around. He threatened
the attendant and demanded his money.”
During Te Iwimate’s appearance in court, lawyer Barry Henderson said his
client had given a full and frank admission to police.
He was remanded in custody by consent.
Mr Henderson said Te Iwimate had mental health issues, was on
anti-depressants and an anti-psychotic injection which he received on Tuesday.
He asked for a psychiatric evaluation to be done on the man.
Te Iwimate was remanded in custody without plea and will reappear in court
on May 6.

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