Five Minutes, Then Samples of Celexa

“We left the office with 40 samples of CELEXA. She took one that night and was up with tremors, nightmares, a feeling of being on a spaced out LSD trip, nausea, sweating, and vomiting.”


Hi- I just wanted to share this with others…

I took my 16-year-old daughter to the local mental health clinic for counseling. She has been feeling down, blue, what I consider normal teenage stuff, but I had hoped to find someone who could teach her some coping skills. (Sometimes it’s hard to talk to just Mom). After meeting with her a few times and accomplishing absolutely NOTHING; no therapy, no journaling, no groups, they called in their twice-a-week psychologist for diagnosis and treatment. After seeing my daughter for 5 minutes, I was called in to speak to the psychologist. She ran down all of the various drugs that were available for my daughter’s CONDITION and told me a FEW of the side effects of each, then told me she felt this was the only way to treat my daughter. We left the office with 40 samples of CELEXA. She took one that night and was up with tremors, nightmares, a feeling of being on a spaced out LSD trip, nausea, sweating, and vomiting. She did not go to school for 2 days. I called the clinic and they said this was normal and that the symptoms would disappear soon. She took another one, had the same experience and again did not go to school. I found your website the next day, read all the horror stories from survivors, then went to the pharmaceutical company’s website and read 15 pages of side effects. I took those pills and flushed them, called the clinic to inform them that she would not be back EVER.

They don’t want our kids to smoke pot or drink alcohol, the jails are full of people who have sold drugs or given alcohol to minors, yet a kid can walk into one of these places and be given dangerous drugs by so-called mental health care providers! I am so angry that this is going on, and so grateful for your website. If I hear of anyone else about to experiment with this form of “therapy” I will definitely make sure they tune in to this information. THANK YOU.

Leslie Regis



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