I Also Lost One of My Children to Paxil

“I just wanted you to know that there is another childless parent out here in the world because of these drugs.”


My name is Shannon Baker and I recently saw your post on the IFCDA site about Mathew. (He Never Said Goodbye”–posted on this site) I’ve been also following your case throughout the media. I’m sorry for your loss and I know that these words are of no comfort because there is absolutely no words in any language to express to you what I’d really wish to say and even then I know it would be of no benefit.

I contacted you because I have also lost one of my children to Paxil. My daughter Kara took her own life while withdrawing from Paxil for only 36 hours. She was only 12. She had been on Paxil for 8 months and you could see by the pictures taken within a year’s time that the drug was not only killing her mentally, but physically as well.

I just wanted you to know that there is another childless parent out here in the world because of these drugs. As I’m sure you’re aware that there are much to many of us. I wanted to reach out to you too because I know that parent’s that have lost a child and their death was so senseless, needless and so sudden and incomprehensible. That only a parent that has been through such a loss can relate to another that has experienced the same loss.

I am also filing a Wrongful Death suit against the maker’s of Paxil.

Although I know as you do that we will never have our child’s walk through the door and there is nothing that can compensate us for their life’s that were taken. I can only hope that the public will be made aware and that life’s will be saved. I vow that I will do everything in my power to not let my daughter’s death be in vain.. Here is my website address and a girlfriend’s website address if you’d like to go and look thr! ough the sites.

There’s a story page for my daughter on my website and a memorial page for my daughter on my girlfriend’s site in the UK. Here those addresses are:

PSU -Kara’s Story Homepage

SSRI-Kara’s Memorial

God Bless You and Yours.

Shannon Baker



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