Definitely great news to be getting on the 18th anniversary of Columbine!!! I cannot believe how incredibly stupid this drug company is!!!! If they were not made foolish enough in the Tobin vs Glaxo case by their own expert testifying under oath that according to his decades of research on serotonin that the two pills…

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Paxil-Induced Murder Suicide Inspired Jennifer Anniston’s Movie “Cake”

Tim, Deb and Alyssa Tobin Well I don’t normally watch movies but will go watch this one since I worked on the Tobin vs Glaxo case for three plus years. Almost three of those years were spent waiting on the high profile attorney Jerry Spence to see if he would handle the case until he…

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ANTIDEPRESSANTS – How We Are All Adversely Affected

I am going to share a couple of experiences in my life today to help you to see how incredibly widespread the nightmare of these antidepressants really is.

This is a picture of me walking past the hearse today to dedicate my mother’s grave as her final resting place. The look on my face is not from anything to do with burying my mother, instead it is shock from seeing the grave next to the hearse just a few graves away from my parent’s graves.

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