Survivor Story 209:27/77 – My life ruined by Prozac “..stubborn but not psychotic.”


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My life ruined by Prozac



“Before these meds she was stubborn but not psychotic.”

Two months after being proscribed Prozac, my exwife was diagnosed as manic depressive before this her diagnosis was mild depression. 2 months later because she had serious mind racing problems she was prescribed Adderall 2 months later she was diagnosed psychotic and was given anti psychotic drugs. Before these meds she was stubborn but not psychotic. After this every side effect Dr. Anne Blake Tracy ID’ed in her book “Prozac panacea or Pandora” was now exhibited.

She began drinking, gambling , taking drugs “cocaine”. She ruined my finances “I am bankrupt”. IN my quest to save her I lost my business. She was my chief financial officer. 2 year later I am still trying to get my life back on track. I believe she is still severely physically affected by the use of these drugs. The terror we experienced few can survive. She still may not and I still have some suicidal ideation.

What Ely Lilly and the FDA has perpetrated on the public pales to almost every other act ever committed.

Robert Nance

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