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16-Year Old Tells Her Story on SSRIs


“…don’t become another victim of the SSRI LIES.”

Hey, well where to start, I am 16 years of age and have (unrecognizably) suffered from depression and the very rare symptoms of schizophrenia for the entirety of my existence. The world is in a very serious state. State of mental health that is, the sheer number of people whose lives have been adversely affected by SSRI’s leaves me here in tears. On the February of 2003, I began displaying “classic” signs of depression. This time the verdict was final – I had depression. The words couldn’t have flown of the ink of the pen quicker – ZOLOFT.

Sertraline hydrochloride, was about to change my life in a way I had never imagined. To transform me, a highly intelligent promising student to a reckless teenager I had never envisioned myself ever becoming in my wildest dreams. OK, so I had more confidence ( with a weird underlying low self-esteem ), less depression and more enthusiasm towards life. GREAT, I thought although being the perfectionist I am, common logic indicated to me that this artificial substance surely has to be inflicting more harm than positive.

Research led me to discover the true albeit frequently concealed side of the SSRI’s. This is mind.

I immediately discontinued my usage. Hehe, unfortunately my research didn’t inform me of the terrible withdrawal stage that follows. OK so I went cold turkey and got off ’em. The next stage for me, is restructuring my brain regrowing receptors which the “medications” undoubtedly destroy and enjoying better health through nutrition. I have devised a health regime to help myself and many other individuals, should they choose to embrace it – get back on track with their lives. Construct some substance, where are we going people?

I now view SSRI’s as a pathway to greater happiness. Sure these substances are killing our brain cells and nerve endings, WITH THIS IN MIND lets make our greatest attempt to work our way off these burdenful medications and learn from the experience. Right now, no matter how bad you feel, you are a champion, a champion for what you ask ?

A champion for being alive, your not a coward ( not suggesting people who commit suicide are .)

You’ve survived, the onslaught of chemicals the doctors ignorantly throw into our systems with little attention paid to side effects.

I am a SSRI survivor, and for that I have become a stronger person

Cheers people and remember don’t become another victim of the SSRI LIES

Below is a health regime you can follow in order to assist you getting off the medication and once your off can assist you in getting your life back and track and providing a NATURAL anti-depressant program which you can take with the assurance of NO HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS

Peace, A.L Sydney Australia

1. Exercise daily ( but don’t overdo it as this can worsen depression )

2. eliminate all junk food and ALL artificial substances from your diet.

3. implement a multivitamin and mineral complex into your diet ( strongest possible )

4. Take a b vitamin complex B-50 3 times daily

5. Supplement additional magnesium calcium in the ratio cal2:1mag

6. supplement 300mcg of selenium if this dosage isn’t included in your multi supplement

That’s a regime that can indeed kick start you to a life of greater happiness and stabilize those AWFUL feelings of the SSRI withdrawal and indeed normal “medicated feelings.

I can be contacted on at cro_prinz@hotmail.com for an email or if you obtain msn messenger at scorch_100@hotmail.com

AnF Lorch

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