ZOLOFT: Comedian Phil Hartman Tragedy – Tonight on ABC’s 20/20

Many of you are aware that I was the expert who worked with the Hartman family to gather the evidence  against Zoloft in this tragic destruction of yet another beautiful family.  After his wife, Brynn, had her Zoloft dose cut in half by her doctor  three weeks earlier she went into the deadly antidepressant induced REM Sleep Disorder & shot Phil & then shot herself after learning what she thought was a nightmare she was having was actually real.
The REM Sleep Disorder has long known as a drug withdrawal state which is why you have to be so careful to avoid withdrawal as much as possible by coming off EXTREMELY slowly & making no abrupt changes in dose or switching meds that could trigger this. REM Sleep Disorder is where you act out your nightmares  in a sleep state. And although I testified before the FDA and 2004 and shared all of the evidence with them on the potential of antidepressants to produce this deadly sleep disorder known to include both murder and suicide there has never yet been a warning issued to patients about it! Here is a link to our Facebook group addressing this most deadly of sleep disorders:
Wednesday, the day before the the Hartman murder/suicide I spent in tiny Lyman, WY working on the case of “the nicest woman in town” according to all I spoke with. On Paxil she had shot her husband while he slept. She explained it as coming to at the top of her stairs with a “smoking gun” in her hands & her husband lying in bed with a bullet through his head. She said, “I assumed I must have done it so I walked over to the sheriff’s office & turned myself in.”
That evening I drove back down the mountain to my home in the Salt Lake area of Utah. When I woke us early the next morning the Hartman case was breaking all over the news! As details emerged all I could think of was how this was almost identical to the case I had just worked on the day before! By the following day I had heard enough to be convinced this had to be the same thing but there were two small children involved, Sean, 10. & Birgen, 6. I could not bear to think of them going through life without either of their parents & no answers! So that evening I called Brynn Hartman’s family in Minnesota. I knew they needed information ASAP for the coroner in case Brynn was in withdrawal.
Later I learned a family friend took the children to a park as it happened the day before & when asked how they were or if they needed anything. Sean said, “My mommy was going to take me to all these fun places & now she will never be able to do that.” And Birgen said, “I know I will never see my mommy or daddy again.” Children should never have to go through such things… especially without answers!
I just got off the phone with my dear friend Greg Omdahl, Brynn Hartman’s brother, who was the one interviewed on this 20/20 special. I promised him that we who understand the dangers of these deadly drugs & what really happened would not only watch tonight. We would also go into the comment sections of any & all media covering it to back him up & defend him as well as Brynn, as the Pharma trolls come into the comment sections to make them out as the “bad guys” while they do their best to present antidepressants as God’s gift to the world! You can see what I posted below late last night when I became so upset after reading so many horrible comments people were making! Greg told me he immediately forwarded it to the rest of the family who were very grateful for the support & passion. So know they are watching & very appreciative for any support.
“So very sad that the truth about this case has never been made public! Dateline came close when it first happened but if people had any idea what all has been disclosed behind courtroom doors, no one would be making the degrading comments about Brynn, her brother, or anyone else other than Pfizer & their extremely deadly drug, Zoloft!
“Sean & Birgen brought the wrongful death suit, not Greg. Their Uncle Greg only handled it for them as they were too young to do that themselves. The children got every penny of the LOUSY $100, 000 settlement Pfizer paid them to get away with the murder of both Phil & Brynn!
“Toxicology indicated Brynn did NOT have cocaine in her system when she shot Phil. So forget the cocaine.
“As for alcohol all of the SSRI antidepressants can cause overwhelming cravings for alcohol.
“Of those being diagnosed with the REM Sleep Disorder which Brynn suffered to make her act out her nightmare, 86% are taking antidepressants & 80% of those hurt themselves or others, including both murder & suicide. That is a warning patients are never given while it should be headline news nationwide!”
It cut me off at that point or I would have said more!
                                                  EXAMPLE OF THE REM SLEEP DISORDER
This is the only person charged in a school shooting incident to speak out about what happened to him as he experienced the REM Sleep Disorder which caused him to take a gun to school & hold his classmates at gunpoint for 45 minutes,,,
A comment from a 15 year veteran describing the side effects of suicidal & homicidal ideation: “I have seen the disasters from prescription medications especially the ones we were issued to treat PTSD and other mental illnesses.
“A couple of years ago, I agreed to take Zoloft as suggested by my doctor for depression. I had denied it for years. Within 2 days I was truly suicidal. I wanted death bad. It wasn’t like the normal suicidal thoughts where I felt so depressed I would rather be dead, it was more like I wanted death like I wanted a new Ferrari! But not just for me, I wanted it for everyone! I wanted to get my friends together & thought “let’s all die together”.
“I have been confused by how this drug can make you feel this way. I certainly felt why so many commit suicide on these drugs and why it is a listed side effect! I tried to OD, but I sucked at it fortunately. I never touched another pill again”… C. C. D.
But please let everyone know this family is far from alone. All anyone needs to do is go to the database we have on the first two decades of cases at www.SSRIstories.NET to see what is happening or just watch the evening news. I gathered 10 new cases like this early this morning while doing something else & not even looking for them!
People need to go to our website www.drugawareness.org to learn all this information! Just reading the articles on the first page will give them enough information to see the problem with the drugs & the dangers in withdrawal & how to avoid that.
PLEASE support Greg tonight as he is speaking for us all in being brave enough to tell his family’s story & take all the backlash that generally comes for doing so!!! The more support he gets, the greater the chance 20/20 or other high profile shows will be willing to cover more & put an end to this drug-induced nightmare of mass killings, murder/suicides, parents & grandparents killing their own children & grandchildren, children & grandchildren killing their grandparents, veteran suicides, etc!

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Antidepressants & Gun Violence? Far More Than Guns

For anyone thinking the violence induced by antidepressants is affecting only the US. & is only coming from guns, I am sharing with you this Zoloft case out of Australia.
This was not a woman but a transsexual & if someone had recognized those reactions as antidepressant side effects when he wanted to make the change from a man to a woman he could have been withdrawn from the drugs before it turned to a more toxic reaction as this shocking violent attack at a 7/11.
Be sure to share this video with all your local convenience store workers to wake them up to the dangers they face from these drugs.  And then share our database of thousands more cases like this with them if they think this is an isolated case…

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My comment on 15 year old who committed suicide on Zoloft

Our website www.drugawareness.org was set up by Mark Miller who lost his 13 year old son by less than a week after starting on Zoloft. Like comedian Robin Williams he hung himself in his closet after suffering a REM Sleep Disorder where you act out nightmares including both murder & suicide. Research shows that 86% of those going into this previously rare & very deadly sleep disorder are currently taking antidepressants (mainly SSRIs).
I first began working on court cases involving these drugs in 1992. And what you need to know is there is NO safe therapeutic dose of Zoloft or ANY antidepressant!! Pharma’s own expert in a wrongful death case involving the ingestion of only two doses of his antidepressant testified to what the whole world needs to hear! (There is no way any drug rep has ever shared this info!) The following morning this mild mannered elderly man shot & killed the three people he loved the most, his wife, his visiting daughter, & infant granddaughter, before killing himself. The drug expert for the drug maker testified that the way the SSRI antidepressants work on serotonin what should be EXPECTED from them is impulsive murder or suicide! Of course, the family won that wrongful death case. (Tobin vs Glaxo) WY You can find thousands more documented cases posted at www.SSRIstories.net

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Anniversary: 3 Nurses on SSRIs on Trial Over 3 Month Period for Killing Their 11 Children

Sunday the Chicago Tribune carried the story of Marilyn Lemak, the nurse married to a doctor, who 20 years ago, killed her 3 children in their Naperville home. The case still haunts law enforcement but not for the right reasons because no one ever learned the truth about why this happened!
Had the case been tried properly they would have argued the fact that she was on two drugs, Zoloft & Ativan, which cause murder & suicide due to their inhibition of serotonin metabolism. After poisoning her three children with her medications, she put her wedding dress on & poisoned herself as well. When she woke up & realized she was not dead yet, she then slit her wrists.
In the same 3 month period, two other nurses went to court for killing their children while on these drugs.
In Texas, Andrea Yates on Effexor & Remeron drowned all five of her children. In none of these cases were these drugs used in their defense.
Socorro (Cora) Caro in California, whose husband was also a doctor who had given her Prozac, shot their three sons, before shooting herself. You can find all three cases below with links to their cases in our database at www.ssristories.net
Emily, 6, Thomas, 3 and Nicholas, 7
Marilyn Lemak – Zoloft & Ativan


Noah 7, Mary 6 mo, Luke 2, Paul 3, John 5
Andrea Yates – Effexor & Remeron
Cora Caro – Prozac
And here is a documentary on the Cora Caro case along with my comment posted there with all kinds of additional information since the documentary is done by a group which does everything they can to downplay the fact any of the cases they cover involved these antidepressants (Can we assume funding from Pharma? I have little doubt!)….
Joey, 11, Mikey, 8, and Christopher, 5
MY COMMENT: Yes Cora Caro was “a woman pushed over the brink” BY PROZAC! Everything else you mention going on in her life was used as a reason to give her Prozac.  The drug increases serotonin & produces not only cravings for alcohol, but also results in elevated serotonin which produces extreme violence exactly the way PCP does! Prozac just does it more gradually.
Her attorney should have used the testimony of Dr. John Mann given in the 2001 case of Tobin vs Glaxo where a total of only two doses of the SSRI, Paxil, were found to be the cause for a mild-mannered grandfather to shoot & kill his wife, daughter, infant granddaughter & himself. Dr. Mann, the expert brought in by Glaxo, not the defense, testified that according to his decades of research on serotonin the effect these drugs have upon inhibiting the metabolism of serotonin should be expected to produce impulsive murder and suicide.
And then there is the 1996 study on mutant mice who lacked the ability to metabolize serotonin due to a genetic defect. Researchers in this study determined it was the elevated levels of serotonin which produced the extreme violence the mice exhibited:
The evidence is very clear that these three boys were murdered, but not by their mother. They were murdered by Prozac – the same determination made by investigators in France in the early ’90s in the Kevin Kohlenberg murder/suicide case after an eight-month long in-depth investigation. The French media, unlike our media with massive vested interests, reported “…both Kevin and his friend were victims of an American drug”
There were 3 American nurses, all on these drugs, 2 married to doctors, who went to court over a 3 month period for killing their children. Cora Caro (PROZAC), Marilyn Lemak (ZOLOFT & ATIVAN) & Andrea Yates (EFFEXOR & REMERON). There have been MANY more which you can see in this database of thousands: www.SSRIstories.net
When, when, when will the public be given the truth?!



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ANTIDEPRESSANT: Pre-Med Student Stabs Fellow Students, One Dead, 3 Injured

Kendrex White, 21 year old pre-med student charged with murder for stabbing death at the University of Texas, Austin
Yet another drugged up future medical professional! Cannot count how many cases like this I have investigated over the past three decades! Who knows how many the world will have to witness before they finally wake up to this medication induced nightmare! You can see all of the details on this case in the link to the news story at the bottom of this post. You will learn he was arrested before for a DUI (and hopefully you know enough about antidepressants to know they cause cravings for alcohol and you can find all that documentation here on our site or in mor detail in my book on the drugs, Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? Our Serotonin Nightmare!). When he was arrested then he said he had taken two pills of Zoloft. So what is he on now? Obviously he is experiencing the side effect of “homicidal ideation” which I would refer you to the post below where I have another patient who explains the reality of what homicidal ideation was for him after only two Zoloft – the same thing this fellow said he took.
Nurses have been telling me for years that 75% of doctors and nurses are on these drugs. And I hear repeatedly from doctors whose cases I have worked that the drugging started in medical school and continues for years into their careers. Those who peddle illegal drugs on street corners are in similar positions with those selling the drugs hooked on them also. Sadly there is apparently little difference rather than the one is a “respected professional” drug pusher and the other the guy on the street corner. Is it any wonder that NPR reported several years ago that 60% of cases of violence are happening in medical establishments?
Take a look at my post from a few weeks ago to see what just two pills of Zoloft can do and ask what this guy is on now…still Zoloft or just another brand of the same antidepressant drugs so similar to PCP?

“Homicidal Ideation” Described by Patient Who Suffered

This Antidepressant-Induced Side Effect

“Only two days on Zoloft and I wanted death bad – I wanted death like I wanted a new Ferrari…

but I wanted it not just for me, but for everyone!!!”

“I am a veteran of 15 years. I have seen the disasters from prescription medications especially the ones we were issued to treat PTSD and other mental illnesses. A couple of years ago, I agreed to take Zoloft as suggested by my doctor for depression. I had denied it for years.

“Within 2 days I waas truly suicidal. I wanted death bad. It wasn’t like the normal suicidal thoughts where I felt so depressed I would rather be dead, it was more like I wanted death like I wanted a new Ferrari. But not just for me, I wanted it for everyone! I wanted to get my friends together and thought let’s all die together. I have been confused by how this drug can make you feel this way. I certainly felt why so many commit suicide on these drugs and why it is a listed side effect! I tried to OD, but I sucked at it fortunately. I never touched another pill again.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: http://heavy.com/news/2017/05/kendrex-kendrix-white-university-texas-austin-stabbing-suspect-attacker-photos-pictures-facebook-twitter-motive/

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Two School Shootings in the News on Columbine’s 18th Anniversary

Today, Thursday, April 20, 2017, marks the 18th anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado and marks the day after Barry Loukitis, in one of the first school shootings in this country, was once again given 189 years for killing a teacher and two classmates in Moses Lake, WA while no mention of these drugs and the role they played in that case has ever been mentioned in his defense! And while the real guilty parties in these school shootings continue to live in plush luxury with no repercussions whatsoever to this day!

The 12 students listed below and one teacher, William “Dave” Sanders, 47, were killed during the attack on the morning of April 20, 1999. And Eric Harris and Dylan Kleebold lost their lives in either a double suicide or a murder/suicide after the attack. Today we remember all the lives that were lost that day as well as those were severely injured and those whose lives were changed forever when Eric and Dylan reacted to their antidepressants:

Cassie Bernall, 17
Steven Curnow, 14
Corey DePooter, 17
Kelly Fleming, 16
Matthew Kechter, 16
Daniel Mauser, 15
Daniel Rohrbough, 15
Rachel Scott, 17
Isaiah Shoels, 18
John Tomlin, 16
Lauren Townsend, 18
Kyle Velasquez, 16

The day this happened I was on the phone with Ruben Ortega, Chief of Police in Salt Lake City, discussing with him some local tragedies to help him to understand the impact of these drugs upon the community he served and the public as a whole. The Salt Lake Family History Library shooting had recently happened with an elderly Russian man killing two before being shot. That elderly Russian man had an experience very similar to the German Wings pilot who two years ago took a plane with 150 to their deaths as he flew it into a mountain side in the Alps. This elderly Russian man noticed that he was losing his eyesight as a result of his antidepressant so he just stopped taking it with NO IDEA what that can cause! (If you see the REM Sleep Disorder listed in the Evidence section on School Shootings you will see the reaction he had that morning on his daily walk past the Family History Library as he opened fire killing one of my dear friends, Don Thomas, whom I had warned over and over again about the danger he was in there as the Family History Library security guard.) As Chief Ortega learned more and more about how these drugs work and how they can produce psychosis and violence and are so very similar in action to a slow fuse LSD or PCP he mentioned that was the case in the recent KSL shooting as well. The woman who came into that building shooting and killing a woman who worked there and her unborn child was also on one of these drugs. He then asked me, “Do you think what is going on right now in that school shooting in Littleton, CO could be caused by these drugs as well?” I replied that I did not generally see a case where two people go off the deep end on these drugs at the same time, but if they commit suicide too, you can bet it is one of these cases.” I was to later learn that about the same time I was making that statement to Chief Ortega is when Eric and Dylan lost their lives to the suicidal ideation we now have warnings are doubled for those under the age of 25 who take these drugs.

Mark Taylor’s Fight for Columbine

Please watch Mark Taylor’s Fight For Columbine to see how this tragedy has never gone away for Mark and has only gotten worse for him after he filed suit against the antidepressant maker of Luvox . Luvox is the antidepressant Eric Harris was taking when he shot Mark. And before anyone starts in on we don’t have any evidence of Dylan being on anything you need to know  that a girlfriend of Dylan’s came to Mark Taylor’s mother and then spoke with me about trying to help Dylan come off his Zoloft and Paxil (the same drug found guilty in the suicide of one of the nations’ leading attorneys.


Now Take a Look at the Massive Amount of Evidence that Antidepressants are the Cause of School Shootings


SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: The Evidence Antidepressants Are The Cause

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Safer Alternative: Bird Droppings vs Antidepressants

bird man

Judge Orders Man to Get Rid of Birds

Here is something to give you a chuckle in the middle of all these horrific antidepressant-induced tragedies…

While in Salt Lake City lecturing I read this article in the news today …. it is about a poor elderly immigrant who loves pigeons and spends his time caring for them. Well one of the SLC suburbs of South Jordan wants him to get rid of his birds he has had in his backyard for years. Most all of the comments are supportive of the man and his rights and upset with the city for doing something like this to him. But one comment was something I HAD to respond to so here it is – his first and then mine …. hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂 (See the original story link below)

“So if he was harboring 300 rats we should leave him alone? I think everyone who is whining about how mean the world is to this guy should do a little research. Just for fun, Google the words “Pigeon, health, and hazards” all on the same line. Did you know that the EPA, yup our liberal EPA, says that you can kill as many pigeons as you want? They are considered a “bird pest” and for good reasons all having to do with DISEASE.they are basically rats with wings. I hate to sound harsh but these are the facts. Honestly if I was in charge of a city, I would ban any private ownership of pigeons because their populations can get out of control in a hurry. I have been on jobs where we had to remove years of pigeon droppings from rooftops. It’s basically a hazmat situation where protective clothing and respirators are required. When pigeon droppings dry out they become airborne and can cause serious respiratory disease. I highly recommend the city not level their roosting place. They need to exterminate the population prior. Leave the buildings and get rid of the birds.”

MY RESPONSE: “Hazmat situation?! When anything dries out and becomes airborne it turns to dust that can cause respiratory disease. Dust does that.

“They call out hazmat teams to clean up hydrochloric acid spills(yes the same muriatic acid that is used to clean toilets and cement spills), yet people in the Salt Lake Valley voluntarily consume more of that daily than anywhere else in the world in the form of an antidepressant. (Example: fluoxetine hydrocloride [Prozac], sertraline hydrocloride [Zoloft], etc.) I would be far more concerned about these highly toxic chemicals than I would pigeon droppings!

“Now there is a solution! The City of South Jordan could check with a large pharmaceutical firm to see if they could come up with a new drug promoted to be the next new “cure all” that has pigeon droppings as an ingredient since people seem so willing to put anything in their mouths as long as the marketing tells them it is good for them. Then everyone could see value in the pigeons since sadly money seems to be our society’s mode of determining value now. They could all make money on the situation and walk away happy campers. Not so sure the patients will be such happy campers, but pigeon droppings sound safer than what they already take!”

Original Article: https://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=148&sid=29798204

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My horrible experience with antidepressants [zoloft]

iStock_police-line-crime-scene-tape_20120323112925_640_480My horrible experience with antidepressants
Long Van Phung lphung86@yahoo.com

I was in the marines from 2005-2009 as infantry and went on two combat deployments to Iraq. I was having a rough time after my second deployment and was put on so many different antidepressants that seemed to do nothing at all. I received were empty promises of feeling better in 4-6 weeks. After a honorable discharge I began going to the Veterans Association where I was prescribed zoloft within 5 minutes of speaking with a phychitrist. It made me feel worse so I researched online and read many horror stories about zoloft. It was about 2 weeks later I told the doctor I felt worse and he told me it was the zoloft giving me more energy and making me anxious. I was working hard to get into the University of Delaware and was accepted but on September 3rd 2010 after breaking down crying I became completely focused on killing myself and surrounded by police outside the Veterans Association hospital I shot myself in the forehead point blank with a 9mm hollow point round. Although it sounds ridiculous I was able to still get out of my car and walk towards the police with the gun still in my hands (I was in total shock, just trying to wipe all the blood out of my eyes) and was tasered, and I remember face planting into the ground. It was a horrifying recovery and I’m still traumatized(I have a artificial piece of skull and severe left side weakness from the brain damage) and I had a extremely difficult experience weening off cymbalta recently after many failed attempts because the company makes it nearly impossible to get off the medication because the sizes of the doses. I had to have a friend help me by taking apart the capsules and lowering by less then a percent a day of cymbalta. Still I suffered terrible withdrawl effects. Phychitrist are basically the tools of pharmaceutical companies that repeat what pharma reps tell them (chemical imbalance, it’s like having diabetis) to get as many people as possible to take there drugs which are highly overrated in there effectiveness and underrated in the severity of withdrawl(or “discontinuation syndrome” since that sounds much more pleasant). I know I’m incredible lucky to be alive but people simply don’t understand how difficult each day is. I get agonizing headaches and I just can’t let go of what happened. I wish so badly that I had never started zoloft our trusted the Veterans Association phychitrist and the generic lines he says to get victims to start taking these terrible drugs. I don’t care much for myself but it bothers me so much that they are pushing these very powerful drugs on younger and younger children to make lifetime customers and increase profits.

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Drugawareness.org YouTube Channel – Teens on SSRIs

Jamie Tierney

It seems few of you are aware that the International Coalition for Drug Awareness has its own YouTube Channel with lots of information there. Once you subscribe to the Drugawareness Channel you will automatically be notified as we send out new videos – something we are gearing up to do a lot of in the near future as we comb through all of my older videos and recordings.

Find one video below as an example of some of the videos you will find there.

Sign up for the YouTube Drugawareness.org Channel here:


And here is a direct link to the videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.drugawareness.org/videos/

The following example is a news piece that covers the experience of two teens, Christopher Pitman & Jamie Tierney. At age 12 Chris was prescribed Paxil and then Zoloft and after only a few months killed the two people he loved the most, his grandparents, and then proceeded to burn the house down with their bodies still inside. Jamie at 15 became suicidal and full of rage after being given Effexor for migraine headaches.

You can see that news piece here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlLiAfiueo4&list=UUo-6uMPDOtwaPe1ec3Rhr3A

In posting the new information over the next few months I would hope it would give you a good picture of how much information has been out there for how long and what all has been accomplished at this point. If you are wondering why these antidepressants are still on the market from what you are seeing and learning currently, just wait until you see all that has already transpired and the information that has been out on the drugs for years now.

I have long said that those beginning to see this situation with these drugs need desperately to learn the history behind what has already transpired. We will also be including some very long, in depth, radio interviews on these drugs that will teach you things you have not yet heard anywhere else even though they are over a decade old. I encourage you to listen and learn and share with others so that they can see this antidepressant fiasco for what it really is.

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & http://ssristories.drugawareness.org
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”

WITHDRAWAL HELP: You can find the hour and a half long CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here: http://store.drugawareness.org/  And if you need additional consultations with Ann Blake-Tracy, you can book one at www.drugawareness.org or sign up for one of the memberships for the International Coalition for Drug Awareness which includes free consultations as one of the benefits of that particular membership plan.

WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

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Michael Frye – My Ten Year Zoloft Nightmare & How I Survived It

Mike Frye 3

Michael Frye

A Zoloft Survivor

My name is Michael Frye and I was a victim of Zoloft for over 10 years. I have been through this life with a lot of regrets. The biggest regret of all was ever taking the prescribed antidepressant drug Zoloft.

Zoloft Prescribed for Side Effect of Another Medication

I was taking a treatment for a virus. That medication had depression as a side effect. So my doctor felt I needed to take something for depression too. He prescribed the antidepressant Zoloft. Initial treatment for the virus also produced a side effect of blood abnormalities which overrode any benefit of that drug. So, that drug was discontinued but I continued to take Zoloft for a period of almost ten years. The Zoloft only magnified the depression and produced unusual behavior. The dosage started at 25 mg and as I reported still having depression and other side effects, they(my doctors) just raised the dosage being oblivious to the fact that they were killing me with the increasing of the dosage. Once I achieved 150 mg dosage, I just have a blank period of time and memory loss of about 3 or 4 years. I will never fill in those blanks for I feel that is long term memory damage.I have since also learned that the reason I stayed on the drug so long is likely because most doctors have no clue how to withdraw patients correctly from antidepressants. Because of this they are afraid to take patients off because of the horrible withdrawal. So doctors generally just tell you that you need to stay on these drugs for life!

Forced Into Abrupt Withdrawal Due to Life Threatening Side Effects

I was forced into cold turkey withdrawal because I was so close to death. I was hemorrhaging out the ears, mouth, eyes and rectum. I was in a state so near death, cold turkey was my only choice at that point. I would recommend no one ever try that method! It is much too dangerous and nothing anyone would ever want to endure. I do not know how I survived but for the grace of God! Gradual withdrawal is much safer and far less painful!

Out of Character Behavior Led to Divorce

During that ten year period, I started displaying bizarre behavior. I had been married and happily married until the medicine took its toll on me. I started being hostile with my family, friends, and coworkers. During that period I displayed unusual behavior and it tore my family apart after a 20 year marriage. I was divorced in 2009 after almost twenty years. I was separated from my daughter who graduated in 2010. I also suffered the uncontrollable cravings for alcohol that are so common with antidepressants.

Multiple Congestive Heart Failures

I have suffered (3) congestive heart failures after being on Zoloft and I have no hereditary predisposition to heart disease. But I have since learned that heart disease is linked to antidepressants. (http://www.wellnessresources.com/freedom/articles/antidepressants_strongly_linked_to_heart_disease/?)

Bone Density Problems

I have severe bone density issues as well as the inability to absorb calcium in any form. What goes along with this is the inability to keep platelet counts normal.

Agranulocytosis – Often Fatal Side Effect

I also now have agranulocytosis which is often fatal. I have found that papaya leaf extract in liquid and capsule form help with those issues. Iowa Select Herbs (http://stores.iowaselectherbs.com) provide the best quality I have found.

Liver Failure & Pancreatic Problems Lead to Answers

Most doctors just label this problem as liver and pancreatic issues associated with liver disorders. I know they are incorrect in all their diagnosis’s of me. I have experimented with their diagnosis as well as consulted with an expert on antidepressants who has written and lectured and testified about these drugs around the world, Ann Blake-Tracy, the Executive Director of the International Coalition For Drug Awareness (www.drugawareness.org) and author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare. And subsequently learned what the real problem stems from. Sad to say but most physicians are ignorant to the fact that antidepressants cause these issues. In my case the problem was the Zoloft itself, especially after taking it for ten years. But I have since learned how to counteract the damage by listening to my body in healing these issues. I tend to get better results from natural and homeopathic healing.

I started having blood sugar issues where my blood sugar would swing from very low levels to extremely high levels and told my doctors about them. Yet they came up with negative results for a non-fasting test. My pancreas became enlarged, my gall bladder quit working, my liver was very toxic and my brain started showing damage as well.

Warning to Others

I did not know until 2011 or early 2012 that my problems were related to the antidepressant drug Zoloft. I was tired of misdiagnosis’s and started doing research myself. Several experts assisted me in the diagnosis and the cold turkey withdrawal and the healing. I have just begun to fight to get all the things back that I was robbed of. This is my year for all things to be restored! This is also a warning to all my friends and relatives! Do not allow your doctor to put you on antidepressants without reading the fine lines. Your life depends on it. Your loved ones lives depend on it. Be informed. Everything cannot be cured with a pill. God has a way of healing us naturally. I invite you to try His methods first.

Liver Transplant?!

I would say I am at the far end of recovery from taking the drug Zoloft. I have been diagnosed with end stage liver disease and the damage is from Zoloft. I was given a limited amount of time to live and they said I would need a liver transplant to live. I have stage 4 fibrosis/cirrhosis and have started healing myself. I hope what I post will help others to survive as I am doing.

Additional Serious Reactions

Almost 2 months ago I had an ammonia content in my blood of 319 with 75 to 78 being normal. My legs were swelling as well as my abdomen and pancreas. My renal function was very poor. I could not even have a normal bowel movement except maybe once a week. My short term memory was still an issue and my WBC and RBC were off the charts. My bone marrow was being suppressed and my back pain was so severe that I had to lie down at all hours of the day. I was hopeless and depressed to the max.


I still did not give up! I have a strong faith in God and I know he has a purpose for me. So what I am about to post may be an inspiration to others. I certainly hope so. Here it is as follows and I may say that this information I am providing is based on my individual results. It is not intended to cure any disease or prevent any disease. It was just my way of healing the damages to my body caused by Zoloft.

How Bad Things Got

After having a liver biopsy in August 2013, I had decreased white blood cells and red blood cells. I had an ammonia content in the blood of 319 and I had no platelet functions. My blood would not clot. I bled out on the biopsy table. At that time I decided to do what I could to change the quality of life I was living. I have no immune system and of course brain and organ damage from Zoloft.

Steps I Took to Recovery

What I am about to post is what worked for me and radically changed both my physical and mental state.

~ I began regular consultations with Ann Blake Tracy at www.drugawareness.org

~ I started eating a vegan diet – mostly raw or slightly steamed.~ I began a regimen of no red meats and only white meat, excluding pork. It was mostly fish broiled and not fried which I have now stopped eating meat and dairy altogether.

~ I ate raw broccoli and other green leafy vegetables, onions and fresh garlic.

~ I started taking or making fruit and vegetable smoothies which included uncooked raw vegetable juices.

~ I used flax seed oil and omega 3 oils.

~ I had amazing results using Sovereign Silver for the pancreatitis I developed.

~ I used Young Living oils of Lemon, Frankincense, Peppermint and Valor. The Valor and Peppermint helped my back pain. Lemon lifted my spirits and Frankincense helped with so many things that I don’t know what I would have done without it.  More info here: https://www.drugawareness.org/alternatives/

~ I used milk thistle for my liver.

~ For each morning detox I use a cup of 165 Deg. Green Tea steeped with a slice of organic lemon. This helps to detoxify the Zoloft out of my system.

~ I then discovered about a month into the raw vegetables a brand of fruit and veggie smoothie. The brand name is “Bolthouse Farms” and it is even available at WalMart. The most beneficial of their smoothies was the “Green Goodness and the “Blue Goodness”. They have produced some amazing results. They even have wheat grass in them.

Amazing Results

I dropped almost 40 lbs of weight in less than a month. My mind became clearer, my energy level increased 100%. No more depressive moods!

My ammonia level was at 319, which is critical and life threatening, lowered itself naturally to 75 in less than thirty days.

At 52 I am in better shape now than I was in my body building days of the early 80’s. I feel almost bullet proof. I have stabilized my weight at 198 pounds and while on Zoloft I was over 230 pounds.

My heart is healing and the cramps have gone away. I believe that the cramps were being caused by the elevated serotonin because the main function of serotonin is constriction of muscle tissue. I tried the magnesium and the calcium supplements but they did not work on the painful cramps. Yet after only a week of daily taking the smoothies with the wheat grass, the cramps disappeared.

What I want to make clear is to experiment with raw vegetables and fruit and veggie smoothies until you achieve your optimal health. I could not emphasize this more … “Until you rid yourself from the toxins of antidepressants and other prescribed drugs, you are just existing and not living.”

I wish you all the best. I believe that the information I have given you, based on my experience, will help you recover. I am healing!

October 2014 Update

I just got an email from Michael that needs to be shared. He began having additional problems with his liver failing and pancreatic function shutting down leading to diabetes. This is the update I just got today:

” I have been using Aloe Vera juice to detox my liver, and my pancreatic function was gone. I was becoming diabetic.  After one gallon of cold pressed aloe, my blood sugar stabilized and the size of my pancreas reduced 200% and now insulin function is normal. So common sense would dictate that all our sicknesses can be cured through natural God given plants and herbs.

“I also eat papaya fruit and my hematologist told me I could not raise my red blood cells or platelet count. But just papaya fruit, leaf, and liquid extract has nearly tripled my platelets.

“They actually had sent me home to die. They said a blood transfusion or platelets would not help. Boy did I prove them wrong through Biblical methods. I am healing. Thank you for all your help.”

[I must caution you that the above statement from Michael has not been approved by the FDA …. the same FDA who brought you Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Lexapro, Fen-Phen, Redux, Vioxx, Effexor, Stratera, Cymbalta, Pristiq, Brisdelle, Wellbutrin, Trazadone, Risperdal, Clozaril, Zyprexa, etc., etc., etc.]

Good Luck and May God Bless You All!

Michael R. Frye

“A Zoloft Survivor”

Please share Michael’s story with others so they know there is hope and a life after antidepressants. We will continue to gather more stories for you from others who have “been there” and come through it so that you can see how they have done and what works and what does not.

WITHDRAWAL HELP: You can find the hour and a half long CD on safe and effective withdrawal helps here: http://store.drugawareness.org/  And if you need additional consultations with Ann Blake-Tracy, as Michael did in his recovery, you can book one at www.drugawareness.org or sign up for one of the memberships for the International Coalition for Drug Awareness which includes free consultations as one of the benefits of that particular membership plan.

WITHDRAWAL WARNING: In sharing this information about adverse reactions to antidepressants I always recommend that you also give reference to my CD on safe withdrawal, Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!, so that we do not have more people dropping off these drugs too quickly – a move which I have warned from the beginning can be even more dangerous than staying on the drugs!

The FDA also now warns that any abrupt change in dose of an antidepressant can produce suicide, hostility or psychosis. These reactions can either come on very rapidly or even be delayed for months depending upon the adverse effects upon sleep patterns when the withdrawal is rapid!

Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition for Drug Awareness
www.drugawareness.org & http://ssristories.drugawareness.org
Author: ”Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare – The Complete Truth of the Full Impact of Antidepressants Upon Us & Our World” & Withdrawal CD “Help! I Can’t Get Off My Antidepressant!”


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