NO WAY Does Going on a Healthy Diet Have to be Boring!!!! Take a Look!

Too many think one’s diet as a Vegan is boring or does not taste good? Here is one of many examples of what my daily diet has been for the last 40 years….until I became Vegan I never knew eating could taste SO GOOD!!!!!!! And since becoming Vegan so long ago I have never had so much variety in my diet nor so many tantalizing tastes. As Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

One example of a fun thing that tastes so good is this. For years we have made our own “ice cream” by simply throwing a couple of ripe bananas in a blender, blend and gradually add whichever fruit sounds good for the day (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, or some more bananas frozen with cinnamon is good, etc. – blueberries are my favorite), blend…adding enough until it becomes a thick consistency without burning up your motor (and if it does the local thrift store probably has a replacement for not much out of pocket), and serve. If you want it to be a little sweeter you can add a few dates to the ripe bananas, or poor a little maple syrup into the mix. YUM!!!! And it is all good for me too!

And besides getting rid of cancer and any other medical issue I was dealing with at that time by making this simple change in my diet, not only did my physical, mental and emotional health improve by leaps and bounds, but I cut my grocery bill in half! Now I am getting first hand nutrients rather than second hand after the animal has already processed and utilized the nutrition in the food. Not sure where we ever got the idea that secondhand nutrition was better than putting ourselves first in line for that nutrition … other than from yet another industry working to make profit from us as they have with medications we are told we need after becoming nutrient deficient from eating our foods secondhand.

raw raspberry cookies

Go to the following link for the recipe for these yummy looking cookies:


And if I had this young man to listen to as a youth I could have learned all this long ago and made that change sooner and avoided cancer all together, not to mention the many changes that came mentally and emotionally as well as physically….you will find few things that will help you more after the damage from antidepressants than this change in diet…Gary has much wisdom he shares on this video. Click the following link below to view:


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