tess and sam crespi

Tess and Sam Crespi

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Updated: 5:58 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016 | Posted: 5:14 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016
10 years later: David Crespi writes letter on murder of daughters

By Jim Bradley

MATTHEWS, N.C. — Ten years ago, much of Charlotte was in shock after a Matthews banker was arrested for murdering his twin daughters.
Samantha and Tessara Crespi were just 5 years old when their father stabbed them repeatedly, then calmly called 911 and told dispatchers “I just killed my two daughters.”
Now, a decade after that chilling 911 call David Crespi is serving two life sentences inside a state prison, where he said, “I remember them every day.”
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Woman stands by husband 6 years after he killed their 2 daughters
David Crespi sent a handwritten letter to Eyewitness News reporter Jim Bradley saying “Daily, I pray for all impacted by our tragedy.”
David Crespi’s life behind the barbed wire of the Albemarle Correctional Institution has included a variety of prison jobs from chapel clerk, to helping inmate get their GEDs to working as a geriatric aide.
He is visited frequently by his remaining children and his wife, Kim, who drives to the prison to see him every two weeks.
While David Crespi declined a Channel 9 request for an on-camera interview, he and his family appeared in a Danish documentary in 2013, in which he insisted, as he has for years, that his decision to chase his young daughters through the house before stabbing them a total of 32 times, was the result of a psychotic episode brought on by prescription medication he was taking to treat depression.
In the documentary he said, “Who I was was chemically altered. I know for certain that I know what caused the death of my daughters. I know it was the pills.”
David Crespi’s wife, Kim, has spent years trying to convince the world around her that it was bad medicine, not a bad man that killed her twins, who would now be 15 years old.
She, too, declined an on-camera interview, but said through texts that “prison remains a harsh reality.”
She provided Eyewitness News access to photos, showing a smiling David Crespi with both her and her children during Christmastime visits.
She said her husband has been “medication free for seven years, is not bipolar, and is and was a model citizen with the exception of the medication-induced tragedy that has devastated all of us.”
Not everyone is so convinced.
“It holds no water with me,” said Marsha Goodenow, the former Mecklenburg County prosecutors that handled the Crespi case.
She said in interviews with detectives, David Crespi admitted that for 10 years, while he was both on and off prescription medications, he had fantasies about killing his wife, children and strangers. She bristles at the suggestion that he is a victim.
“Even if you believe he is not a threat to the general public, he still has to be punished for murdering two 5-year-old girls,” Goodenow said.
Asked if David Crespi should ever be allowed out of prison, she said, “No, I do not. How do you know he won’t do it in the future.”
Kim Crespi, who still lives in the house where her girls were killed, has a different view. In a recent internet posting she said she’s “working with legal counsel and experts to have a wrongful plea set aside.”
As he begins the second decade of his life sentence, David Crespi is “hopeful,” he writes, “that one day, all will understand” what drove him to a murderous act few can even begin to fathom.


What the world remains unaware of is the fact is that 86% of those who are diagnosed with the most deadly sleep disorder known as REM Sleep Disorder (RBD) are currently taking antidepressants. REM Sleep Disorder is a condition in which there is no paralysis during sleep thus allowing the patient to act out the dreams or nightmares they are having. Tragically 80% of those going into this sleep disorder hurt themselves or others including both murder and suicide as a result.

This is possibly the most deadly of all reactions one can have to antidepressants. Even more frightening though is to learn that before the introduction of the SSRI antidepressants RBD was known mainly as a drug withdrawal effect. Thus the chances of going into this dangerous reaction should be expected to increase as one goes into withdrawal. This is why it is so important to avoid as much of the withdrawal effects as possible by tapering off the antidepressant very, very slowly.


What so many were not aware of is that an increase in serotonin by an accompanying decrease in one’s ability to metabolize serotonin was long known to produce both impulsive murder and suicide. See this study:

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