5/24/2000 – Salon Magazine addresses the SSRIs

Salon Magazine has put several articles out this week on the SSRIs. The first
article is about Dr. Joseph Glenmullen’s new book “Prozac Backlash.” Of
course in their usual form Eli Lilly representatives and other critics have
slammed it as misleading and lacking in scientific rigor. And now the author
claims Eli Lilly reps are harassing him. After ten years of writing about
these drugs learning this is no surprise me at all. I extend a hearty welcome
to Dr. Glenmullen as he joins the group of us who are all too familiar with
that type of harrassment from Lilly. 🙂 The article is Prozac Indignation –
How a little-known Harvard clinician needled sleeping giant Eli Lilly.


A second piece looks at the sexual side effects of the drug. And the third is
an essay by a woman who has taken the pills for 13 years and calls them her
salvation. “She addresses the school of thought that says happiness shouldn’t
be come by quite so easily.”

I have really reached a saturation point on the “happiness shouldn’t be come
by quite so easily” comments. I would like to point out that no amount of
“happiness” (drug-induced high) is worth what even one of the families who
have lost a loved one to these drugs has had to suffer! The price for that
“happiness” has NOT come easily. In reality the price has been far too great
for far too many! When there are so many safe, natural alternatives to reach
a true feeling of happiness, there is absolutely no excuse to cause such pain
and suffering for so many others in order for even one to achieve this
drug-induced high. The risk vs benefit ratio is much to great to justify the
use of these drugs.

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition For Drug Awareness

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