I, Ann Blake Tracy, will be speaking on the dangers of antidepressants at 11:00 AM Saturday, August 2, in St George, UT, at the Lexington Hotel. Also speaking will be Sheriff Richard Mack, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, and G Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island, who will present via Skype.

The meeting is sponsered by the Independent American Party and is open to the public if anyone in the area would be interested in attending. The following is the agenda for the meeting and a link to their website:

Agenda for Summit #4, Aug. 2 in St. George, Utah
At the Lexington Hotel (850 Bluff St.). Exit 6 from I-15, then 3 blocks North. Hope you can make it!

10:00 Welcome – Overview of the Summit Wayne Hill
Invocation Will Christensen
Independence Pledge Jared Beck
10:10 Solutions in Utah Zack Strong (Candidate)
U.S. Congress, Dist. #3
10:40 Solutions in Utah Wayne Hill (Candidate)
U.S. Congress, Dist. #2
11:00 The dangers of Antidepressant Drugs Ann Blake-Tracy
11:40 Purchasing Gold Message
1:00 Solutions in Utah Nihla Judd (Candidate)
House #75
1:15 Creature from Jekyll Island Edward Griffin via Skype
2:00 Escape from Castro’s Cuba Raul Hevia
2:30 The Dangers of Common Core Sinhue Noriega
3:00 Write-in Candidacies Will Christensen
3:10 BREAK
3:25 The Strength of the Lord Kelly Gneiting
3:45 David vs. Goliath Sheriff Richard Mack
4:30 The Improper Role of Govt. Cliven Bundy
Recap of Summit IV Wayne Hill
Benediction Patricia Kent

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