Suicide would have been the easy way out.

“I honestly can’t believe that doctors are prescribing depressants for people suffering from depression. And that they are prescribing drugs that cause brain damage.”


Dear Sirs,

I can’t imagine anything worse than what happened to me when I was treated for depression. I was told that antidepressants had no permanent side effects so I thought that it would be logical to take the drugs just long enough to fix my “low serotonin” and then get off of them. I thought that as long as a drug had no permanent side effects I had nothing to loose. It sounded like I was taking vitamins for my brain. I expected to feel positive and full of energy and vitality after I fixed my “low serotonin”.

I took one drug and when that didn’t “kick in” I took another drug and then another, and so on. Over two and a half years I took a dozen different antidepressants, all of them at their maximum recommended dosage. I finally realized that the drugs were really depressants. I wanted to commit suicide every minute of every day. Suicide would have been the easy way out. But fortunately I have a strong will to live. I wouldn’t give these drugs to an animal. Drug induced depression was the worst experience of my life and I will never forgive the doctors who infected me with it.

It is now over four years since stopping the drugs and I still feel emotionally unbalanced, weak – both physically and emotionally, agitated, confused, dull, numb. Sometimes I get chest pains and I’m sure that I have heart damage from the drugs. I also still experience sexual dysfunction and low libido, which is a psychological hell. In short, I have absolutely no peace of mind. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be normal again. Nothing is more important to me than recovery. I only work part time because I am so weak and distracted.

I honestly can’t believe that doctors are prescribing depressants for people suffering from depression. And that they are prescribing drugs that cause brain damage. I thought that people suffering from depression were supposed to stay away from drugs like alcohol (and antidepressants), which are both depressants.

I’m a grown man and I barely survived antidepressants, I would hate to think that children are being tortured with these same drugs.



John Mazza



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