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Corey Baadsgaard is, instead, in the county jail, writing letters of apology to classmates he has known since kindergarten – the same ones he forced into a classroom corner using a loaded big-game hunting rifle and swear words many had never heard him use before…..

….And school officials have since discovered that in the days before he brought the gun to school, he was having trouble adjusting to a new anti-depressant medication.



DEPRESSION MED: Postpartum: Woman Drowns Two Month Old Baby: Texas

Paragraph 12 reads: “Her family said Modarresi was depressed and on

Mom Charged With Capital Murder

Narjes Modarresi First Reported Her Baby Son Kidnapped
POSTED: Friday, April 23, 2010
UPDATED: 11:58 am CDT April 23, 2010

HOUSTON — A mother who first said her 2-month-old son was kidnapped and
then led investigators to his body has been charged with his death, police
told KPRC Local 2 Friday.

Narjes Modarresi, 28, was charged with capital murder in the death of
Masih Golabbakhsh.

Court documents said she “knowingly caused the death by placing the baby’s
face down in mud and water.”

“The doctor performing the autopsy noted water and mud in the (baby’s)
lung, stomach and airway, concluding that (the baby) was alive prior to being
placed face down in the muddy water and buried,” a court official read in

The Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the baby’s cause of death as

Modarresi did not appear in magistrate court Friday morning because
authorities said she is at the Woman’s County Jail undergoing a mental

Houston police issued an Amber Alert for Masih Wednesday after his mother
reported that he was snatched from his stroller in the 8000 block of
Woodway Drive, near Briar Bend Park, at about 5:30 p.m.

Detectives said they questioned the mother and her story was inconsistent.

At about 2 a.m. Thursday, the mother led officers to Masih’s body, which
was found in a muddy stream near where she said he was abducted, police

Officials said the couple also has a 3-year-old, who has been placed with
Narjes Modarresi

Relatives said Modarresi was from Iran and was learning to speak English.
She has only been in the United States for a few years, family members

Her family said Modarresi was depressed and on medication.

George Parnham was hired as Modarresi’s attorney. Parnham is best known
for defending Andrea Yates, 45, who drowned her five children on June 20,
2001, while she suffered from postpartum depression.

Dr. Richard Pesikoff, with the Baylor College of Medicine, said there are
three levels of depression — the third level being most severe —
postpartum depression with psychotic features.

“Not only are you severely depressed, but your ability to tell the
difference between what’s real and what’s not real is lost. At this point, you
hear stories about mothers who kill their children,” Pesikoff said.

Pesikoff is not treating Modarresi.

ANTIDEPRESSANT: After Alcohol Cravings & Manic Reaction, Man Shot by Police: OH

Paragraphs six and seven read:  ” ‘I think Nick’s
medication caused a manic reaction
,’  his wife

“The victim took medication for his heart,
lungs and depression. While vacationing in Lee County, he
was arrested March 27 for disorderly intoxication and
again two days later for trespassing.”

Second paragraph reads:

“Widowed last spring after 40 years of marriage, life is empty without
husband Nick Christie.

Ohio widow wonders when justice will call her

Husband killed while in custody

By Sam
Cook • October 18, 2009

No news
isn’t good news for Joyce Christie.

Widowed last spring after 40 years of
marriage, life is empty without husband Nick Christie.

“You should be in
my shoes,” she says by telephone from Girard, Ohio. “Those jail guards not only
killed my husband, they took my life. This should never have

The circumstances surrounding Nick Christie’s death were

Her wait for justice is almost as agonizing.

“I think
Nick’s medication caused a manic reaction,” his wife says.

The victim
took medication for his heart, lungs and depression. While vacationing in Lee
County, he was arrested March 27 for disorderly intoxication and again two days
later for trespassing.

While held in the Lee County Jail mental health
section March 29, he was restrained in a chair and repeatedly pepper-sprayed by

corrections officers, according to prisoner, Ken Cutler, incarcerated five cells
from the victim. Jail officials took Christie, 62, to Gulf Coast Medical
Hospital. He died March 31.

“I would like to confront the guards who did
this to Nick,” says his widow. “Why are they still working? Why weren’t they
charged with his death?”

She hired Ohio and Florida attorneys to work the
case, but has heard nothing in 61 2 months about the investigations.

sitting here crying,” she says. “I have so many unanswered questions. What’s
wrong with Florida? Where is the justice for Nick?”

Sgt. Larry King, Lee
sheriff’s spokesman, says his office completed its death investigation and
turned it over to the state attorney’s office.

“(Nick Christie) died at
the hospital,” King says. “He wasn’t, technically, in our
Spokeswoman Samantha Syoen says the state is reviewing the case.
She couldn’t estimate when it would be finished.

The U.S. Department of
Justice and FBI also are investigating if there was a civil rights’

“We’re reviewing it to see if a federal crime was committed,’’
says Special Agent David Couvertier, FBI spokesman in Tampa. “Once we identify
that, we’ll decide.”
(2 of 2)

The death certificate lists stress from
restraint and pepper spray as two contributing factors, along with cardiac
arrest and low blood pressure caused by heart pump failure.

Dr. Robert
Pfalzgraf, deputy chief medical examiner who signed the certificate, says in 99
percent of the cases the person sprayed doesn’t die from the

“(Pepper spray) didn’t kill him in the sense that it was toxic
or poison,’’ he says. “But (it did) in the sense it was an irritant. It was a
stressor to his heart.”

Pfalzgraf says Christie’s heart couldn’t stand

“I can’t ignore the fact that he died while they were doing stressful
things to him,” he says.

Joyce Christie’s heart can’t stand it

“I’m having an awful, terrible time,” she says.

She sits
in her Girard house, 1,244 miles from Fort Myers and wonders when justice will

“What is there to review?” she asks. “It’s black and white. Nick
goes to jail. They restrain and pepper-spray him. Two days later, he’s

It sounds simple, yet she knows better.

“I hate it when
people tell me the system failed Nick,” she says. “The system didn’t fail Nick.
The system killed him.”

The widow is bitter.

Can you blame