BEST CHRISTMAS BLESSING SINCE THE FIRST CHRISTMAS?!! BMJ Declares. Big Pharma “Is Causing Harm & Cannot Be Trusted”…Top Medical Journal Wants Pharma Out of Medical Treatment!

Dr. Marci Angell first came out almost two decades ago with her resignation from her  17 year long position as the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. She boldly stated that she could no longer serve as an advertising agency for Pharma by publishing as “medical research” what were basically infomercials written up, minus any real…

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EVIDENCE TRUTH IS WINNING! Big Pharma Sinks to the Bottom of U.S. Industry Rankings – a Daily 9/11?!

LINK: Big Pharma Sinks  To The Bottom U.S. Industry Rankings But What a Terrible Toll It Has Taken to Open Our Eyes to The Following Facts! …Prescription drugs, taken as prescribed, not abused, have long been the third leading cause of death in America. …Iatrogenic (doctor or medical treatment caused) disease is killing almost one…

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A Decade Later Additional Heightened Concerns About Pharmaceuticals in Water

This kind of concern was first raised a decade ago in 2000. We sent out the information far and wide then. Clearly few knew enough to be concerned. But now with further study the results are shockingly confirming all we warned of in 2000! Those results are especially telling when it comes to fish being given low doses of Prozac . . . the bizarre changes inbehavior, etc.

DO NOT sit around and say it is only fish, there is no need to worry. Our entire world is balanced with each species playing an extremely important role. We do not survive if they do not survive!

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