7/18/2000 – Tonight San Francisco News

Fox news on KTVU, Chan. 2 out of San Francisco
will air a special tonight at 10:00 PM Pacific Time
and again tomorrow night at the same time on the
adverse reactions and long-term reactions to SSRI

The reporters flew to Salt Lake City two weeks ago
to interview me (Ann Blake-Tracy), along with several victims
of the SSRI antidepressants I have worked with over
the last several years. I am grateful to those
individuals and all the others who offered to be
interviewed for having the courage to share their
experiences in order to prevent these tragedies in
the lives of others.

KTVU also interviewed Andy Vickery for this news
piece. Mr. Vickery’s Houston, TX law firm has been
the leading firm in more SSRI wrongful death suits
than any other law firm that I am aware of in the world.
In case you have missed their link on our site, their
website is located at (www.justiceseekers.com) and
is packed with very informative SSRI material.

Ann Blake-Tracy

One thought on “7/18/2000 – Tonight San Francisco News

  1. I have an 18 yrs old daughter whom I’m told is suffering from depression and anxiety. They want to put her on an SSRI, I said No, my son was put on these at 14 for ADHD, he is now 21 and with Ann Tracys book I feel I (finally) have the right advice on how to get him off these terrible meds. His Dr. had me reduce his celexa by 10 mgs (from 40 to 30) He got electric jerking shocks, uncontrollable anger and said he felt weird for a long time. Anyway, your book has also given me advice I’m trying to use for my daughter, but I’m a bit confused and need a little help. I took her to a Naturopath yesterday, in an attempt to find a better solution than SSRI’s, she suggested she start taking St. Johns wart, or 5HTP along with omega 3’s, B complex and glycine. We purchased the glycine and B complex and told her I would get back to her re the St. Johns wart and 5HTP. We discussed hypoglycemia and how anything that increases seratonin levels will decrease sugar levels etc… and that I was not sold on the St. Johns Wart or 5HTP for depression, I dont think it went over very well. Have I mistaken the information I’ve read in the book and heard on the tape? Is there another natural suggestion out there besides these two? After talking to Diane Mora and reviewing the packet she sent out, I have also set up an appointment for my daughter to meet with a craniosacral/acupressure/aroma therapist that is also a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils (how lucky to find in Vermont). Finally, I purchased Noni juice from the local health food store, and found out its not the “original” Noni juice, so I plan on returning it. Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for all that you do. Mary

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