4/19/2001 – Ann Blake-Tracy on the air with Columbine victims

* Before I give you this information on the Columbine shooting victims, you
should know that it was announced today in San Diego that Jason Hoffman, the
school shooter in El Cajon, had taken two different antidepressants.

Now for a little over a month I have been working with the victims of
Columbine shot by Eric Harris, and the Harris family attorney, as they have
prepared their lawsuits against Solvay, the makers of Luvox. We have been
invited by the largest talk radio station in Utah, KSL, to do a show with
Doug Wright. It will air Friday, April 20, (the anniversary of the Columbine
tragedy) at 10:00AM Mountain Time.

Another show will air Monday morning on KIQ 1010 in Salt Lake City with Joe
Jackson at 8:00AM Mountain time.

You can find the particulars on how to listen to these shows online or you
can find information on any other upcoming shows by going to:

Check this site regularly for upcoming shows you can listen to online. If you
would like a show in your area contact your local station and tell them to
log on to www.drugawareness.org and let us know when they would like us on
the air.

Ann Blake-Tracy, Executive Director,
International Coalition For Drug Awareness

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