ANTIDEPRESSANT: Famous Singer Dies: Malaysia

Second paragraph from the end reads:  “‘It might also be due to the effects of her medication,he said.  ‘She is an optimistic iron lady and couldn’t have taken her own life’.”

SSRI Stories note: There is a second article following this first article which states that this beautiful, famous singerhad been taking medication for depression right before her death.

Dead Malaysian singer wanted to quit

BUKIT MERTAJAM, MALAYSIASinger Loh Guik Hong, who was found dead at the foot of a condominium block in Gurney Drive on Saturday, had planned to retire but put it off following pleas from her fans.

A close friend of Loh told newsmen yesterday that the singer was sick of the nightlife after being in the business for over 10 years.

“One year ago, she had to undergo a knee operation after consuming slimming pills and began thinking of retiring,” he said yesterday at Loh’s family home in Kampung Berapit.

“However, her diehard fans were strongly against it.”

Loh was cremated at the Berapit Cremato-rium here at about noon yesterday after some 150 relatives and friends paid their last respects. A Taoist priest conducted the final rites.

The friend said Loh planned to start her own business. He also said Loh suffered from insomnia, adding that she had been in depression for three years, but only sought medical treatment a year ago.

At yesterday’s ceremony, the family allowed reporters to take pictures but did not speak to them.

Among those at the funeral was Loh’s godsister, Lim Hui Ting, 26, who lived with Loh at the Gurney Drive condominium. She was seen holding Loh’s pet dog, Yuki.

Loh, 39, who was fondly known by her fans as Xue Liang (Snow Bright), is believed to have fallen from the 12th floor of the condominium block at about 7.15am. A post-mortem showed traces of alcohol in her stomach. Police ruled out foul play and classified the case as sudden death.

Meanwhile, a relative said Loh wore an eye mask to sleep, which could have been mistaken for a surgical mask as reported in newspapers.

He also clarified that Loh was in a sleeping gown when she fell but the gown had torn, adding that Loh used to stand at the balcony and smoke. The family believed that she might have slipped and fell.

“It might also be due to the effects of her medication,” he said. “She is an optimistic iron lady and couldn’t have taken her own life.”

He also described her as a filial daughter who visited her parents every week and never forgot to call her family regularly.
Paragraph four reads:  “Loh’s godsister Lim Hui Ting, 26, who lives in the same unit, said the singer returned home from work at 2am and headed straight to bed after taking medication for depression.”

Sunday September 6, 2009

Singer falls to her death – in panties and mask


GEORGE TOWN: A singer was found dead at the foot of a condominium block in Gurney Drive here, clad only in her panties, her pyjama top, which was lifted, and wearing a surgical mask.

Loh Guik Hong, 39, who was popularly called Xue Liang (Snow Bright) by her fans, was believed to have fallen from the 12th floor of the building at about 7.15am Saturday.

It is learnt that she suffered from depression and had previously attempted to commit suicide.

Loh’s godsister Lim Hui Ting, 26, who lives in the same unit, said the singer returned home from work at 2am and headed straight to bed after taking medication for depression.

“I knocked on her room at 9am this morning (yesterday) but there was no answer. When I opened the door I found the room empty,” she said, adding that she only found out about Loh’s death when she went down to check.

A post-mortem report showed Loh had serious head and body injuries.

There were traces of alcohol in her stomach.

Loh, who works in a coffee shop along Gurney Drive, was said to be good in belting out Chinese and English songs and has been a singer for 15 years.

People who knew her said that a group of die-hard fans would come to the coffee shop to show their support every night.

A person in-charge at the coffee shop said Loh had performed on Friday night and was supposed to sing again yesterday.

Deputy state CID chief Supt Nashir Ya said the post-mortem report said Loh had died from a fall.

“She was in her pyjama top and was not wearing a bra,” he said, adding that he did not know why she was wearing a face mask.

“We have ruled out foul play for the moment,” he said.

Meanwhile, the casket bearing Loh’s body arrived at her family’s home in Kampung Berapit, Bukit Mertajam at about 5.30pm.

Her father Loh Chew Seng, 78, was heard telling some neighbours that anak saya sudah mati (my daughter had died).

The family members distributed “horse race” calendars featuring photographs of Loh to reporters at the scene.

It is learnt that the body will be cremated tomorrow.

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