ANTIDEPRESSANT & WINE: Mother Slits Throats of Toddler & Infant Twins

Christina E

Christina E. Booth, 29

Mother being treated for Post Partum depression cuts children’s throats …. so they will not disturb her military husband.

From the original article we read: “Thomas Booth told police his wife had been “very stressed out” raising the children and was on medication for post-partum depression, according to court papers. He said he and his wife had watched a movie at home Saturday night and each had two large glasses of wine. He described his wife as sufficiently intoxicated that she was slurring her words.’

Impairing one’s ability to metabolize serotonin (serotonin reuptake) has been known for decades to produce impulsive murder or suicideSerotonin Syndrome also produces the appearance of a drunken state including slurring, vomiting, and very confused states.Mixing alcohol with an antidepressant can produce a psychotic break as well. Yet antidepressants produce cravings for alcohol. And I will take bets none of these drug makers have ever bothered to test their medications on Native Americans as it appears this young mother is. Various races have various tollerence levels for different antidepressants. This is especially so among races that have blood sugar issues as the Native Americans do with a high rate of alcoholism (hypoglycemia) and diabetes.

And for all of you younger readers allow me to point out that until these SSRI antidepressants hit the market hearing of mothers killing their children or attempting to do so was such an extreme rarity that everyone was completely shocked to hear of one of these cases. Does that element of shock toward this type of crime even exisit for any of you any longer? This is your new world via Pharma. What a shame!


Ann Blake Tracy, Executive Director,

International Coalition for Drug Awareness &
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