Zoloft Double Murder Sheds Light on Juvenile Cases

Thanks to Zoloft this tragic case took the lives of two amazing people and destroyed the life of this 15 year old town hero…


My comment:

Not learning the true cause of this tragic loss will only bring hundreds more cases like this! There are so many at this point I cannot even begin to keep up with them. See for yourself the grandfather who after only two doses shot his wife, daughter, eight month old infant granddaughter & then himself, or the high profile Chicago. attorney who jumped in front of a train after only 5 doses (both of those cases already won in a court setting). Or the Chicago grandmother who took a circular saw to her 5 month old infant granddaughter, nurse Andrea Yates who drowned her five children, or nearly every school shooting on the planet – all the result of these drugs: www.SSRIstories.net

Sadly, from what I have learned about him, the one who would want this truth brought out more than anyone else is, the himself, Chip Northup, an advocate for children in the juvenile justice system! Would he want a child incarcerated for life after being given a drug which is almost identical to PC. & in the same class as the drug given to suicide bombers to get them to commit the atrocities they commit?! Of course not! Yet if you look at the science you would understand that they may as well have slipped this boy PCP daily as to give him the drug he was given! I, for one, have no doubt that Chip Northup, especially in light of the clear vision he has from where he is now, will be standing beside young Daniel’s attorney in that courtroom!

May God forgive us for what we are doing to our children and everyone else for that matter?! And may He spare us from the nightmare we have already created for ourselves with these deadly drugs!

Please support this group to help children like Daniel…

America now has more children incarcerated than any other country! Far to many of these children who have suffered these most horrific of side effects of these drugs are being prosecuted as adults, rather than children. Christopher Pittman (12), Kristina  Fetters (13), Raul Leguere, Jr (15), Chris Shanahan (14), plus the majority of the school shooters, etc., etc., etc. The Juvenile Bill of Rights is fighting to have these cases retried in the juvenile courts where they should have been tried to begin with.



Since elevated serotonin is the key to human violence

 why are we increasing serotonin with prescription drugs???


1996 – Mutant Mice May Hold Key To Human Violence – An Excess Of Serotonin.