6/10/2000 – CBS Evening News Story on ADHD, Part II Tuesday

Monday evening CBS Evening News did a piece on the over
drugging of children in America. Sorry we did not get that
information to you sooner. Their summary is below. Hopefully
they will include a transcript of tonight’s piece on their site soon.
Tomorrow the news story is continued. Hope you can catch it.

Ann Blake-Tracy

CBS Evening News

“On the HealthWatch, our Medical Correspondent Elizabeth
Kaledin will have the first of a two part report on the rising
number of kids being put on prescription drugs to treat Attention
Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Tonight, Elizabeth will look at one Virginia school district where
an amazing 17% of the children are on medication to treat ADHD
and at a family in Texas that has weaned their child from
psychiatric drugs and has teamed with his teacher to shape his
behavior with no-nonsense discipline.”

Dan Rather

“P.S. On Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, we’ll have the second
part of our report on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder) and the medicating of our kids–in part two, Elizabeth
Kaledin will look at some of the alternatives to drugs. Please join

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