Christopher Harper-Mercer (Oregon Shooter): School Shootings and Antidepressants

Christopher Harper-Mercer

Christopher Harper-Mercer

For a week now information has been coming out in the Oregon campus shooting where 10 lost their lives when Christopher Harper-Mercer opened fire. We have learned much to indicate that he was very likely taking antidepressants when he did this.

From the New York Times we learned that his mother is a nurse and we know how often nurses medicate their children because they have been brainwashed about antidepressants and medication in general. We also learned that his mother had said that both he and herself suffer from symptoms of Autism. But Autism is a condition of elevated serotonin levels yet 60% of those who suffer from Autism are medicated with these SSRI and SNRI antidepressants even though they are designed to increase serotonin. And natural news brought up that his Autism could have been vaccine-induced but neglected to say that with both the mother and son expiriencing Autistic tendencies it may be antidepressant-induced Autism. (See the following Facebook group:

Antidepressants produce the symptoms of Autism as a side effect and as a birth defect. Studies have shown that mothers on antidepressants have a 3 – 4 times greater rate of giving birth to an Autistic child. So we need to know first if his mother’s Autistic symptoms are coming from her antidepressant and how long she has been tak ing antidepressants. If she was taking them while pregnant with her son it is critical to know that he was exposed to these drugs while in the womb.

From the Wall Street Journal we learned he “…had been discharged from the Army after attempting to commit suicide…” So it would appear he had been on medication for some time now and was having serious reactions to it for some time.

From the LA Times we learn that he raged about others being crazy and then committed suicide after killing 9 others.



Pharmacist Comment:

“The symptoms I see in patients who abuse serotonergic drugs of any form. ..could aptly be described as the “Hitler syndrome” (overconfidence in ones own policies or decisions, no fear of consequences, criminal behavior, death of people close to the abuser as the preferred method of solving problems in the abusers life, coldness and lack of humanity). I feel that in twenty years or less we will be confronted not with one Hitler but with thousands or millions… numbers so great that we will be forced to interact with their distorted thinking on a daily basis. (Littleton, CO., Riverton,KS., Jonesboro, AR., eventually little Hitlers in every town in America will grow up into BIG HITLERS) It is happening right now.

The most insidious factor about long-term serotonin abuse is that it enhances the individuals persona to the point that they are able to manipulate others into their way of thinking just as Hitler did. This causes the distorted thinking, abnormal behavior, and loss of morality to spread like a contagion to otherwise normal people who have not even been exposed to the drugs. Those on the drugs are converted by the pharmacologic/physiologic processes into sociopathic demagogues.

Do you have any comments on these thoughts, Ann?

Please respond. Tell me we are not the only ones who see what is happening to our world!”


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