CYMBALTA: Canadian Man in Bathrobe Kills One, Wounds One At Election Celebration

Richard Bain Arrest

“It’s totally different from my character. All my life I worked and helped other people.”

Please read at least this part of this article to see how this poor man became so manic on Cymbalta. Why did no one catch such blatantly obvious manic behavior, indicating a serious toxic reaction to this drug, BEFORE this fatal tragedy?!! If it was subtle hypomanic behavior that would be one thing but this is clearly extreme manic behavior with the wild spending, wild promiscuous behavior, cravings for alcohol, etc. For more information on this antidepressant side effect see my 2006 presentation to the FDA, my DVD “Bipolar, Are You Misdiagnosed Due to the Use of or Abrupt Discontinuation of an Antidepressant? and come to our Facebook group Antidepressant-Induced Bipolar and Schizophrenia:


“Richard Bain claimed that he was a responsible, hard-working, caring person but his character changed after taking the anti-depressant Cymbalta in 2009.

“He said he broke off a 20-year relationship with his girlfriend and began visiting strip bars every night, hiring prostitutes and quickly burning through an inheritance and savings of $900,000.

“He told the court he spent a lot of money on “limousines, the best of wine, champagne, strippers.”

“With Cymbalta, you don’t think correctly,” he testified later. “I had all the energy in the world. Things come to my mind and I do it. You don’t think things out. It makes you not responsible.”

“He said video footage of him at the shooting scene wearing a blue bathrobe and ski mask, yelling “The English are waking up,” as police led him away, was unrecognizable. “It’s totally different from my character. All my life I worked and helped other people,” he said. Asked what could explain the change, he said: “To me it was the medications.”

“Bain testified that he had no memory of opening fire outside the celebrations. As the defence opened at his trial for the first-degree murder of lighting technician Denis Blanchette and the attempted murder of stagehand David Courage….

“On Sept. 4, 2012, provincial election day, Bain testified that he drove to Montreal to visit his sister-in-law in hospital and he became upset because she was suffering while she waited for an operation. As he was leaving at around 6:30 p.m., he asked his brother where the Metropolis concert hall was, because he heard that the PQ election-night party would be there. He said he decided to take a look out of curiosity, and he drove by it in his GMC Yukon three times before leaving. That, he told the jury, is where his memory of the day ends. He said his sister-in-law’s suffering affected him deeply.


“My depression that day came over me like a wave,” he testified. He said that in addition to his regular dose of one 60 mg Cymbalta capsule taken in the morning, he downed at least eight more after leaving the hospital.

“Shown video footage of his vehicle arriving behind the Metropolis shortly before midnight, of a figure leaving the vehicle and approaching the concert hall’s rear entrance and of his subsequent arrest as police pinned him to the ground, he said he had no memory of the events.”

This reminds me so much of one of the very first cases I worked on in the early 90’s. A teen in Florida living with a couple of friends had become depressed and knew that one of his friends had a bottle of Zoloft sitting on top of the fridge she had decided she did not want to take. He knew it was for depression so he took one to see if it would help. When he did not feel less depressed after 15 minutes he took another, and after 15 more minutes he took another.

After taking eight pills he has no memory of what happened. But the official police record shows that he met a homeless man and stabbed him 100 times with a screwdriver. Last I knew he was given a sentence of life in prison for murder.

It is just so sad that such dangerous drugs are prescribed so freely and with so little concern and are sitting around people’s homes where anyone has access to them with little to no warning of how deadly they can be!!!



If you watch the two following video presentations before the FDA you will hear that increasing serotonin has long been known to produce everything this man experienced.

FDA September 13, 2004:

FDA December 13, 2006:

And for thousands of other similar bizarre and violent tragedies documented to be linked to antidepressant drugs see our database of cases at www.SSRIStories.Net


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