Death by overdose – venloflaxine, abilfiy, and effexor

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Title and name of Drug: Death by overdose – venloflaxine, abilfiy, and effexor


Name of Drug: abilfy

Years on the Drug: 1
Date started on Drug: 2011-10-12

Other Date venloflaxine, effexor: 2006-10-10
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Your Location: canada

Your Story: My son, Joshua Alvin Patey (aged 25) died on June 12/12 after being hospitalized for over 7 days due to taking an overdose of his prescription medications. He was diagnosed as bi polar in 2006 and had been taking venloflaxine and effexor most of the time. In Dec 2011 Abilfy was added. I believe that Abilify mixed with the other medications caused the attempt. He had never mentioned suicide before this. The actual cause of death was a missed diagnosed pulmonary embolism which developed after being chemically and physically restrained in the ICU for over 4 days. Before this happened I believed that the medications he took would help him but now I am of the mind that they did more harm than good. Unfortunately his care at the hospital was very incompetent and negligent on the part of three doctors.

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