PTSD TREATMENT = ANTIDEPRESSANT: Utah Veteran Kills Fiancee, Son and Self

Jordan Reeves

Jordan Reeves, 2

Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah yet another veteran being “treated” for PTSD shot his fiancee, two year old son, and himself just before noon. Now I hope by now you can all read between the lines well enough to know that being treated for PTSD means he is getting at least one antidepressant and likely two because the VA almost always prescribes the antidepressant Trazadone as an add on treatment to “help them sleep” since they cannot sleep because of the first antidepressant they were given!

Note also that because it happened before noon it could likely be the result of REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD) as these cases generally tend to happen late at night or the early morning hours. RBD is a sleep disorder where the patient lacks paralysis during sleep and allowing them to act out nightmares they are having. Shockingly 86% of those being diagnosed with RBD are currently on an antidepressant and this is not headline news as it should be.

To see how this tragedy would easily qualify as this man’s worst nightmare I share with you what his friends and those in the program with him had to say about him so you can see how completely out of character this type of violence was for this young man.

Johnathan Reeves Family

Jamie Salazar, Jordan & Johnathon Reeves

“Reeves had a prior history of domestic violence, threatening in August to kill his family. He was arrested and charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault. Reeves was placed in the veteran’s treatment program, designed to help those who have returned from their tour of duty and get in trouble with the law. Many of the court’s participants are also battling post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, mental illness or addiction.

Those familiar with Reeves’ case say he was as close to a model participant as could be found. His drug tests were clean. He was attending all his court hearings and treatment sessions. And he was helping other veterans, according to court officials.

Friends said Reeves was a combat veteran with multiple deployments who loved his family.

“He was a good, kind hearted, talented young man. I don’t know why war affects even the best of men this way, but he truly was the best of men,” one man told the Deseret News.

The man, a friend of Reeves’ family, added: “We are grieving so greatly. The loss of Jamie, Johnathon and their precious child! Post-traumatic stress is the issue. How do we help these wonderful men and women veterans?

“All his family and friends knew his kind heart. He was a good man and that is evident in that he was doing so well in treatment. He really was the guy that would help someone broke down on the side of the road, or feed you if you were hungry.”

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Man who killed son, fiancee, suffered pain that ‘broke him,’ mother says

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