I almost died last year – Keppra


I almost died last year, from psychotic depression with suicidal tendencies and a complete disconnect from reality. I should have been taken off this medicine by the first neurologist I saw shortly after being prescribed the drug for epilepsy by an ER physician due to two grand mal seizures back-to-back in one day. I started having suicidal thoughts and extremely severe depression within two weeks of starting this medication, and due to the fact that my neurologist left the hospital under mysterious circumstances, I had to find another neurologist, who began titrating me off Keppra and onto lamotrigine the day I saw him. It took me over six months to finally get entirely weaned off that medication. In the interim, I lost two jobs due to being absolutely unable to perform the functions of the job with that stuff in my body (I couldn’t remember whether I took my meds five minutes after I took them, much less implement complex software applications). I destroyed some long-term friendships and close family relationships. I was making a six-figure income before all this happened, and even the epilepsy, uncontrolled, was better than that horror show. I walked out on the Tacoma Narrows bridge one day and gave it some serious thought, as well as driving up to Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park with hopes that I’d have a seizure behind the wheel and run off a cliff. This drug needs to be TAKEN OFF THE MARKET, and I don’t care who else it helps. It’s destroyed my life. I’m living in my sister’s basement with $3000 to my name now, with no job as I’m currently unemployable, denied my unemployment as I left voluntarily (before they could fire me for my incompetence), and planning to file for SSDI. Sounds like a great drug, yes?