In Memory of 9/11…the Antidepressant Connections

 C-SPAN: Richard Gage, World-renowned Expert In Controlled Demolition 

 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

The evidence presented here is clear and shocking! It is absolutely amazing to me that this was on C-SPAN, but the sad fact is that it took 13 years to get there! Perhaps there is hope that some day the truth about antidepressants will finally be revealed on C-SPAN as well!

It brings to my mind a Zoloft criminal case in which I testified. After my testimony about the dangers of Zoloft and other antidepressants and how Zoloft contributed to causing this crime the judge made a couple of very interesting statements from the bench. First he called the defense attorney to the bench who had persuaded his client to plead guilty and said, “Do you realize that this evidence on Zoloft could have been used as a defense?!” Since that was not done and the man was told to plead guilty the judge’s hands were tied as he could not find the man Not Guilty because of the Zoloft and it also limited him in how he could sentence the man. Then he made this statement, “Now would we believe that our government (FDA) would lie to us about this Zoloft? The same government who told us that 9/11 was a terrorist attack?”

See the C-SPAN video here:

The 9/11 Antidepressant Connections Few Learned Of

Another interesting fact that many never heard about 9/11 is that there was a LA Times reporter who went to the Middle East to interview the Taliban psychiatrist. (My first thought was “They have their own psychiatrist?!”) He found the psychiatrist’s office covered with antidepressant posters and pads and pens indicating that drug reps were well acquainted with this doctor.

He first shared a story with the reporter about a Taliban officer who had become so suicidal on these meds that he was putting himself on the front lines in hope that he would be killed in battle.

Then as they spoke further a young woman lying on a couch in the office put her hand to her forehead and said, “Oh doctor do we need to sacrifice another goat so that I can feel better?”

The doctor turned to her and said something that has sent chills down my spine, “Nay! Nay! Allah has given these drugs great power! Swallowing them is like swallowing a piece of God!” As one father, whose son had horrific reactions to antidepressants, said, “Yes, he is right. These drugs are Satan’s sacrament!” I think that anyone could clearly see that a doctor with that mind set was giving these drugs to everyone who walked into his office and on top of that was likely taking them himself.


Antidepressants Have Long Been Used in Suicide Bombers

Back when I was making so many calls to Nepal in investigating the antidepressant-induced mass murder suicide of the entire royal family of Nepal by the Crown Prince of Nepal the New York Times printed a front page article on the case and right next to the article was one on the regular use of antidepressants among suicide bombers. And it does not take much of an international search now to find it was the antidepressant, Captagon, now pulled from our market, that was the drug of choice.

Pharma Rushes to the “Rescue” After Disasters

Of course I do hope you are aware that some of the antidepressant makers offered their antidepressants free of charge for a short time after 9/11. Knowing how highly addictive these drugs are the drug makers would have known that this would greatly increase their profits for a very long time as the patients could not withdraw from them unless they found our website which at that time was still the only site up on antidepressants with information on how very slowly one must come down to avoid the withdrawal from hell associated with antidepressants.

And sadly the fact is that doctors reported that their prescribing of antidepressants DOUBLED after 9/11. In this way 9/11 became a huge boon to Pharma for many years to come because as I just stated so few have learned how to come off these drugs safely and successfully so they unfortunately have remained loyal customers for many years to come.


Politics Behind Antidepressants & the 9/11 Connections

Or now that President Trump & more recently Jason Chavitz with his new book have been so good as to out the “Deep State” perhaps I should say the Deep State connections Behind Antidepressants & the 9/11 Connections.

First on this list would be the father and grandfather of two of our US Presidents…

Prescott Bush


And how does Prescott Bush enter into all of this? He is the one that we can thank for the CIA’s Operation Paperclip which brought 1600 Nazi scientists to America after World War II, many of which were even recruited into the CIA!!!! The CIA’s main goal was made evident when they used 80% of their initial budget to buy up all the LSD that Sandoz Pharmaceutical had available. Then when they did not have enough LSD to satisfy them for their mind control experimentation they recruited Eli Lilly, the company who later introduced the first SSRI antidepressant with Simi!at reactions to LSX to the market, to develop & supply them with a synthetic version of LSD.

To see more fully the CIA connections behind these drugs I will include below a link to a section of my book in a post I put out previously “Where Did Your Medication Come From?”

George Herbert Waller Bush

Next we have President George Herbert Bush who headed the CIA for a while, sat on the Board of Eli Lilly, and just before Prozac’s approval passed a law to have drugs approved on only 5 & 6 week studies!


U.S. President George W. Bush talks about judicial accomplishment and philosophy in Cincinnati, October 6, 2008. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES)

George Walker Bush

Like father, like son, down several generations it seems. President George Walker Bush was able to hide several laws into legislation that absolved Pharma from being sued for all kinds of drug violations & was president at the time of 9/11 & has been accused by many ever since of being behind those 9/11 attacks along with his vice president Duck Cheney who made more money than any of us could imagine selling equipment for the war against Iraq. And it was President Bush who declared war against Iraq. What connections he had in the attacks remains to be seen but without any doubt whatsoever Pharma came out with tons of money for all the depression & panic & anxiety the attack caused.

HISTORY OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS: Just Where Did Your Medication Come From?

HISTORY OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS – Just Where Did Your Medication Come From?