Lexapro Murdered My Sister-in-law

Lexapro Murdered My Sister-in-law
My sister-in-law was struggling with anxiety over changes in her job and a recent move to a new home. She was given Lexapro to help her with the anxiety. She was only on it five days and became increasingly agitated and was not able to sleep. My mom saw her two days before her death and said her eyes were ”creepy” looking and she wasn’t all there. She was zombie-like. The morning of her death she was heading to work for a sales meeting. She told my brother ”God is with me, I feel His presence. It’s going to be a good day.” She met with her boss and had what he stated was a successful sales meeting. She then came home and got my brother’s gun. She got in her car and drove down the street, pulled over and put her car in park (didn’t even shut it off) and proceeded to shoot herself in her leg and then in her head. It was a very impulsive and violent act and happened within five days of going on this drug. She was a loving mom to her 12 year old son and we know she would not have left him. She was a detailed, organized planner. Not a spontaneous person. Her calendar was full of appointments. She was planning on hosting a baby shower. They had just moved into a new home a couple of months earlier and she was excited about being in her new home. This drug was responsible for her death. It’s sickening that suicide is an acceptable side effect. The drug companies are untouchable because of their warning labels.

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