ANTIDEPRESSANT: Caught on Video – Student Threatens to Kill Professor

ANTIDEPRESSANT: Caught on Video – Student Threatens to Kill Professor

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Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:34 pm (PDT)



Jonatha Carr


ANTIDEPRESSANT-INDUCED MANIC RAGE: View firsthand the rage, cursing, & violence that comes from these medications to produce shootings like Columbine, Red Lake & Virginia Tech. See to understand how similar these so called antidepressants are to PCP & see for 1000’s more cases like this.
As you view this case firsthand remember just how many people worldwide are “locked & loaded” on these medications! First is a news report on this incident:

Girl goes nuts on her antidepressant and makes viral news

Crazy fau girl loses it and gets on news. Goes viral.

Mother of Black FAU Student Jonatha Carr want her Expulsion Reversed so she can Graduate

Here are full uncut videos of this incident.

Video #1: Show details 3DiYDL2I6Vdi8&v=iYDL2I6Vdi8&gl=US

Video #2:

Below are two articles discussing this young woman’s long history of being medicated off & on with antidepressants, but now currently taking her antidepressant. Luckily a student in her class used his cell to video her manic outburst so we have two YouTube video accounts plus a news reports covering this outburst where she threatens to kill the teacher & a fellow student. Had she had a gun this would have been another school shooting. You can see most of this firsthand as it begins.

The worst of it comes as the police arrive & it takes three officers & others to hold her down as she kicks & punches the police car, officers, etc. They tazered her three times which is something the NEEDS TO STOP! The police are killing people using tazers on those having toxic reactions to these serotonergic medications! We have long known that electric shock treatments mixed with the medications can produce Serotonin Syndrome as ECT too increases serotonin. Serotonin Syndrome can result in multiple organ failure as this same area of Florida witnessed a few years ago when Anna Nicole Smith’s young son Daniel died in her hospital room on multiple serotonergic medications while visiting his new baby sister.

And to see 1000’s more similar cases go to our database of cases posted at

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FAU student Jonatha Carr’s family tells their side of the story
April 16, 2012
By Rachel Chapnick

Jonatha Carr, 24, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder when she was 13 years old. Her outburst in GS120 on March 20 landed on YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Carr.

Jonatha Carr, a 24-year-old FAU student, was two courses shy of graduation when she suffered a nervous breakdown and threatened to kill her professor and classmates.
The university suspended Carr for at least the semester following her outburst on March 20. Carr’s family said her rant was because she suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The family isn’t convinced FAU handled the situation properly. Since then, Joyce and Nicole Carr say the family has been receiving death threats from strangers and they’re worried about Carr’s safety, as well as her future.
Carr has suffered from mental breakdowns before, three of which required her to be Baker Acted. Carr found out she was mentally ill when she was 13, according to her mother and sister. They say mental disorders run in the family. Carr’s grandmother was bipolar, and her aunt and sister also battle the condition.
Carr’s antidepressant medication masks her disorders and lets her be an active member in FAU’s community. She wanted to be a doctor but a nervous breakdown in 2009 ended her dream. Psychiatric specialists told Carr she couldn’t go through residency, since she needed sleep for her mental disabilities, according to Joyce and Nicole Carr.
When that didn’t work out, Carr decided to be a chemistry teacher. With a 3.8 GPA, her family says she was on her way, until she asked her professor, “How does evolution kill black people?”
“The professor had made a comment. ‘Evolution is final, it’s not up for discussion,’” Joyce Carr said. According to her family, Carr, who is a creationist, had a problem with her evolution class after the comment.
Evolution professor Stephen Kajiura said he doesn’t recall saying this. “She may have misinterpreted me,” Kajiura said. “You can’t ever say anything is absolute and final. We are biologists. We deal in statistics and probability.”
He also claims the class had not yet discussed evolution versus creationism.
An anonymous creationist in the class backed this up. “He doesn’t stop us from asking questions, but he’ll be prepared to argue from what he believes. Otherwise he wouldn’t be teaching the subject,” the student said.
The week before her outburst, Joyce Carr and her daughter grabbed lunch. Carr complained about Kajiura’s class. She had been enrolled in the class once before, but dropped it when her grandmother died. Her mother recommended she drop it again, but Carr needed it to graduate.
Once Carr’s breakdown began, the family thinks Kajiura should have realized something was wrong. “If someone would have acted differently, I wish it would have been the professor,” Joyce Carr said.
Kajiura said he realized the student was having a mental breakdown. “It was clearly a mental issue, which is why I wanted to not confront her,” he said. According to Kajiura, his teaching assistant had left to call police, so he wanted to keep Carr calm.
Joyce Carr mentioned evolution wasn’t the problem, it’s what Kajiura said about it. “When you say it’s been proven, she wanted to challenge it,” she said.
Nicole Carr said her sister researched how the theory of evolution was used to justify the Holocaust. She thinks that’s what led to her question. “She remembers what she said, but she says ‘I couldn’t control it,’” Joyce Carr said.
They say Carr couldn’t control her racist comments because of her condition. “When my sister is in her state, that’s where she goes,” Nicole Carr said.
They insist, however, Carr is not racist. “When she’s at home, her slurs were against black people,” Joyce Carr said “She’s called my mom names, a black b-i-t-c-h, a nigger,” Nicole Carr said.
“When you go in your manic phase, you go off. It may be sex, it may be race, it may be religion,” Nicole Carr said. “On a regular basis she wouldn’t say things like this.”
According to both women, this breakdown was Carr’s worst. “Have I seen it like that? No,” Joyce Carr said.
Nicole Carr, who says her sister has hit her and sworn at her during past breakdowns, agreed, “I hadn’t seen it with that much depth.”
Carr was released on March 23, three days after the breakdown. “We’re having a hard time having her not want to search everything being written about her,” Joyce Carr said.
Nicole added, “We’re trying to get her to watch TV, watch movies, but she’s been reading all this stuff.”
Carr’s family is also worried about the students. “Jonatha has a mental illness. It’s not their fault,” Joyce Carr said.
“We’re in an age when kids pull out their video cameras and their cell phones. It’s like the norm. […] As much as I don’t like [the video] out there, had it not been for it, I would have never known what went on in that classroom.”
The family says Jonatha will not try to receive secondary degrees from FAU. Still, they want to bring in a specialist to train students and faculty on how to deal with students with mental disorders.

Jonatha Carr, FAU Student Who Threatened to Kill Teacher, Got Tasered Three Times, Hit a Cop, and Said Really Racist Stuff, Police Say

By Rich Abdill Thu., Mar. 22 2012 at 4:49 PM

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Update, 3/30: Carr’s family has commented about her history of mental illness.

The Pulp just got hold of the police report in the case of Jonatha Carr, a 24-year-old Florida Atlantic University student who inexplicably started screaming during a biology class Tuesday. Her tirade, in which she threatened to kill the teacher and hit another man in the forehead, was captured on video. In it, you can see her stomping around the classroom yelling things like “I will kill the fuck out of you” before she’s eventually carted out of the room.

After that, according to the report, it got way, way worse.

The first time of three instances in which police used a Taser on Carr was while they were first attempting to apprehend her outside the classroom. Then, on the way to the police station, the report says, “Carr started screaming to let her out and take the handcuffs off of her and kicking the roof of the vehicle, the door and the windows.”

They ultimately decided to bypass processing her at the police station and take her directly to South County Mental Health Center. Before they left, they attempted to restrain her legs. She wouldn’t let them and got hit with the Taser again. She was tasered a third time when she “refused to stop swinging back and forth” in the police car.

When they finally got to South County, Carr refused to get out of the car and had to be carried in. Inside, she refused to walk to a room and was carried there too. There, police say, she fought with the staff and had to be held down by three police officers and medical staff.

On the rest, the report can really speak for itself — it’s not clear what set off Carr, but police say she required multiple officers to restrain her behavior every step of the way. The report’s at the bottom, but here are the big items, in the words of FAU Police Officer William Hernandez:

All of a sudden she just started to yell at the instructor and at the entire class saying things like “white people suck, Jewish people who think this world is theirs which it’s not, I will fucking kill you at the Holocaust events all over the world.
“Evolution kills. Haven’t thought about Asians yet.” Carr kept going on and on about killing people.
Upon my arrival I observed a black female lying face down in the grass area just south of building #2, I also observed two white males holding her down until I arrived. I then held her down with my hands on both of her wrists and I calmly asked her to calm down and she refused. Sergeant Boldin and I attempted to place her in a sitting position at which time she started punching me with a closed fist on my chest.
Once the handcuffs were placed on her wrist, she started kicking and calling everyone “sand niggers”, “white niggers” and “black niggers”. She also stated that she will “kill everyone white people sucks”.
Carr aggressively resisted by lying on the ground and stiffening her body, Sergeant Boldin, Officer Cowart, Corporal Stewart and I had to lift her and place her inside the vehicle. She was not injured at this stage.
While placing her in the vehicle, she started kicking and screaming, then stiffened her body and refused to put her legs inside, I then attempted to grab her legs and place them inside but she kicked me on my right thigh.
She increasingly became more uncontrollable. At this point she gave me no choice but to tase her, after I advised her I would, I then initiated a drive stun on her left thigh at approximately 12:20:11 for approximately 3 seconds, she then placed her legs inside the vehicle.

And here’s the report:

Jonatha Carr Police Report

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